Following Your Heart by John Cali

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Since today is Valentine’s Day we’re going to talk about matters of the heart. When we choose to follow our hearts instead of all the outside influences shouting at us, we’re always guided perfectly. Whether we’re talking about romantic relationships or simply finding our way through our lives — or through an airport.

John Cali

The other night I had a vivid and fascinating dream lasting almost the whole night. The next morning I awoke, not feeling rested but drained, as if I’d been working all night. Which I probably was.

In the dream my son John and I were transferring planes at this huge airport. It was not easy to get around in, and it reminded me of the last time I was at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

But the airport was familiar and so I knew where we were going. I felt confident we could quickly get to the part of the terminal where we’d catch our connecting flight.

Suddenly I began doubting myself and my recall of the airport’s layout.

So we started asking some of the hundreds of people around us if they knew where our connecting terminal was. We talked to other passengers, airport workers, airline employees, pilots and flight attendants — anyone we thought could help us.

Everyone we talked to seemed to be an expert on the airport layout. And they gave us conflicting information. The result was we became more and more lost in this huge cavern of an airport.

John and I were getting frustrated and anxious, fearing we’d miss our connecting flight.

Finally, at the dream’s end, I realized our original route to the connecting flight, the one I knew was the right one, was indeed the right one.

But I had listened to all the others. In doing that, and in failing to trust my own inner guidance, we were lost and floundering.

If I had listened to my heart, to my inner guidance instead of all the well intended but misguided advice from others, John and I would have avoided much frustration and anxiety. And I would not have created the airport from hell.

Here’s Spirit.


We love John’s phrase, “the airport from hell.” Perhaps you have occasionally created something similar in your lives? Most of you do now and then. We are not judging or criticizing you for that. It’s simply part of your growth, another step along your path back home. Back to remembering who you are and why you are here.

It often seems easier for you to seek advice and guidance from others instead of trusting yourselves. After all, there are plenty of folks out there willing to give you an earful or two. As John said, they are not ill-intended. They mean well. Most of you are flattered when someone asks your advice.

However, your modern world is, for the first time in your human history, so inundated with information. Information overload, some of your communication experts call it.

Information, in your modern world, is the proverbial “double-edged sword.” There’s practically nothing you cannot find with a few clicks on your computer keyboards. That’s a good thing.

But there’s so much available to you, thanks to your wondrous modern technology, you often feel overwhelmed. Just as John and his son at the airport — so many people offering them conflicting directions. Which way should they turn?

That’s the dilemma for many of you in your modern world. But there is only one way to turn. And that is within.

We are not saying it is wrong to seek input from others, to seek their advice and wisdom. Butalways run what they offer you through the “filter,” if you will, of your own inner guidance, your heart.

When a particular path or choice feels really good and right for you, follow it! Always! Ignore the shouting and clamoring all about you, especially if it makes you feel confused and lost.

Follow your heart, and you will never again be lost.


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