Food: Friend or Foe? Part 4: Obesity, Continued by John Cali

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John Cali

This is the fourth article in our series about food. This week we’re continuing with the issue of obesity and being overweight.

We didn’t receive nearly the amount of feedback on last week’s article as the two preceding weeks. I’m not sure why — perhaps the issue of obesity is a sensitive one for many folks. At any rate, this will be the final article in this series. Next week we’ll move on to a new topic.

To briefly repeat what I said last week, obesity and overweight are a major problem for most of the American public. According to studies I’ve read, roughly two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. So this is obviously an issue not only for some of our readers, but for most Americans. And, I’m sure, for people in other countries too.

You may want to review last week’s newsletter before you read this one, and also the previous week’s and the one before that.

A few days ago, I read an interesting article in the Washington Post. It talked about a recently concluded ten-year study on obesity. Among other things, it said the number of overweight Americans has been increasing steadily, as were the health risks associated with too much weight.

Nothing new there.

But the final sentence of the article was probably the wisest observation made. It said the often-repeated studies proving being overweight is unhealthy were far less useful than offering solutions to the problem.

Today, we’d like to offer some of our solutions for your consideration.

In your feedback the past several weeks, a number of you have asked us to give you specific guidance — tips and pointers. And that is exactly what Spirit has done this week.


As we said last week, the most critical element in this food issue is not the food you eat, but you. What you eat is far less important than what you believe about what you eat — how you feel about what you eat.

Since so many of you have asked us for specific guidance on this issue, we are delighted to offer you these “tips” today.

Love your body as you would a beloved child. Whether or not it’s the body you want right now. Visualize — see in your mind — your perfect body, at its perfect weight. Hold that vision, and it will manifest. This is the single most important thing you can do — you can ignore all the rest of what we’re saying here today, but if you heed this, you will be far down the path you’re wanting. If you hate your body, or even just dislike it, not even the best food, exercise, or medical care will make much difference.

See your body as the perfect instrument it really is — an instrument you, at the soul level, chose as the perfect means for you to live the joyous, fulfilling life you intended for this lifetime.

Give your body only those foods you believe are best for it. In this way, your body will gain the maximum nutritional and health benefits from the food.

Giving your body food you believe is bad for it is bad for it. You can never benefit from doing something you believe is bad for you. In fact, the worst thing you can ever do to yourself or your body is to do something you believe is bad for you.

When you give your body food (or drink), make it a special, sacred time — a time to honor and nourish your beloved body. Focus on your body, on the food you are giving it. You will thereby afford your body the opportunity to gain the maximum possible benefit from the food.

As our friend Abraham has said, make friends with your food. See your food as a gift from the Great Spirit, from God/Goddess — from the plants and animals who provided it for you.

Always, before you eat, give thanks for your food. Thank the animals and plants who’ve made the food possible for you.

Before you eat, visualize your body using the food you’re about to give it for the maximum possible nutritional and health benefits.

As you eat, focus only on the food and your body. Savor every delicious bite. Feel your body being recharged and re-energized by this gift of food. Put all other thoughts and distractions out of your mind, and focus only on the sacred service you are doing for your body.

As you move through your day, send your body loving thoughts — just as you would do for a person you dearly love. No one is closer to you than your own body — treat it accordingly.
Friends, we will conclude today with a thought for you to consider: This whole issue of food is only about the way you allow (or disallow) the energy to flow through you. It’s all about the flow of energy.

You all probably know someone who can eat whatever he or she desires — and still maintain a healthy body, at the perfect weight. And you probably also know someone who can eat the same things — and still be unhealthy and overweight.

Why do you think that is?

The usual answers, judging from what we’ve heard from you over the years, go something like this: “Well, it’s in my genes.” Or: “It’s my metabolism.” Or: “I can’t help it.” And so on.

Genes and metabolism have nothing to do with any of this. Energy, and the way you allow or disallow energy, have everything to do with all of this.

And if you say you can’t help it, you’re making yourself a victim. You can help it. You’re in control.

We realize it’s almost certainly not possible for you to go quickly from an overweight body to one in perfect condition. It won’t happen overnight. But you have the power to create — or re-create — the perfect body. You do it one step at a time. It’s usually easy to take one step. And then another and another . . . .

Eventually, you’ll get where you want to be. So never argue for your limitations and say you cannot do it. You can do it!

Here is the real “bottom line”:

If you are able to maintain a peaceful, joyful, centered feeling in all, or most, of your waking hours, you are then allowing the energy of your soul, your higher self, to flow through your physical body and being. When you are in that state of perfect alignment, all is well.

Your body is well. Your relationships are well. Your life is well.

All good things, all your wildest dreams, flow to you easily and effortlessly.

All is truly well.

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