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In our last newsletter I talked about Haiti. I intended to just leave it there with my brief mention of the catastrophic, record earthquake. But Spirit decided he wanted to discuss it further.
John Cali

First, here is the news article I posted on Haiti in our last newsletter:

The news from Haiti has the world riveted on the heart-wrenching human devastation. Please keep the Haitians in your thoughts and prayers. And, if you can, donate money to relief efforts. But be careful.

As often happens with human events of this magnitude, there are plenty of scam artists out there preying on people’s sympathies, especially on the internet. If you donate, do it through legitimate organizations such as UNICEF and the Red Cross.

It’s been heartwarming to see how this event has brought together people all across the planet in a massive effort to relieve the pain and suffering of the Haitians. We’ve put aside our differences, at least for the moment, in the stark realization that we are, after all, one with all our brothers and sisters and with all that is.

If nothing else good comes from this, at least we have that. As Spirit often says, even the most awful human circumstances can give birth to miracles.

Yves Colon, a Haitian journalist, teaches at the University of Miami. He has a jaundiced view of past US efforts to help his country. As he put it, they “parachute into the country whenever there’s a crisis and then leave as soon as possible.”

But he’s heartened by average Americans’ compassionate, caring response to his homeland in this crisis. As he put it, “It seems like people’s eyes have been opened. The earth shook to open people’s eyes.”

Perhaps that’s the miracle in all this.

Here’s Spirit.

It certainly must seem a miracle to many of you to see how people across the planet, and across the spectrum of narrow political and national interests, have come together in the time of Haiti’s dire need.

People’s eyes have been opened, as the Haitian journalist said. This is a time of awakening, not only on your planet but also in the realms of Spirit.

We in Spirit are heartened to see so many of you becoming more and more awake and aware. You’re beginning to pay more attention to the fact you are all one.

Yes, you have your differences and diversities, not only as individuals but also as nations, ethnic groups, political interest groups, etc. That is as it should be. You all chose to come to the planet at this time of great change because your higher selves wanted to be a part of this exciting adventure.

But you sort of forgot a few things along your physical path. You forgot you all come from the same “place” and you all will return to that place in Spirit.

The “ascension” you hear so much about is not a literal physical restoration of your bodies after they have died. The ascension is the awakening to your oneness with all your sisters and brothers. It is the awakening to who you truly are — God in human form.

If it takes a human disaster like the Haitian earthquake to awaken you, then so be it.

The brave souls who incarnated into their current Haitian lifetimes knew at their soul level this could be a trying and tragic time. The earthquake did not have to happen. It was not predestined.

But it did happen and those souls adversely affected by it accepted it as part of their life’s journey this time around. They volunteered for this because they knew the time of awakening was at hand.

They were willing to do whatever it took to help bring all of you back to the awareness of who you truly are. The pain and the devastation will pass. The awakening will not.

That is the true miracle here.

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