Happiness Revisited by John Cali

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Last year we wrote an article called “Happiness.” Since so many folks are struggling today, and anything but happy, Spirit and I thought this would be a good time to revisit the subject.

Happiness is an “inside job.” We must create it for ourselves. Yet so many of us wait for someone or something outside ourselves to do it for us.
John Cali

When I was much younger I was always postponing my happiness. I kept telling myself

I’d be happy when…. (Fill in the blanks — when I graduate from college, when I get married, when I get that perfect job, when I can live in that perfect place, when I make XXX dollars, when I have that big beautiful house, and so on.)

I was rarely happy because happiness was always some future goal I was forever chasing. When I did achieve one of my goals I’d be happy for a day, two, maybe a bit longer. Then I’d be off chasing my next goal. Happiness got put off again.

Sound familiar?

It finally dawned on me, much later in life, I would never find happiness in the future. The only place I can be happy is right here and now, in this present moment. Outside of this present moment happiness does not exist.

Only when I realized that did I discover the happiness and peace of mind I’d been seeking most of my life.

Here’s Spirit.

Friends, we acknowledge happiness can indeed seem an illusive goal. Especially in this modern world you have all created for yourselves — the world you created individually and en masse.

Your higher selves pretty much knew what they were getting you, the soon-to-be human aspects of themselves, into when they decided to incarnate again into the world you live in now.

Your higher selves certainly had no malicious intent in wanting to expose their human aspects to a diverse environment — the world you live in now.

In fact, they thought this would be a very good thing to do.


Your higher selves — just as all of us in the realms of Spirit — are always growing and evolving. In fact, we want to grow and evolve, unlike many humans who’d prefer the status quo to remain forever.

Admittedly, your higher selves chose a most interesting, diverse, and challenging time to come into physical form again.

But they did it for a very simple reason: they wanted to experience again, in physical form, the diversity and challenge your physical world affords them.

They didn’t make this choice to punish you, to chastise you, to make you miserable. They did it simply because they knew they and you, the human aspects of themselves, would find excitement and growth here.

It really is that simple.

The result of all you’re experiencing in this lifetime is growth. So why not find some joy in that growth? Even when it involves experiences you often perceive as negative, or even disastrous, in your human eyes and minds.

Look for the joy in all your experiences. It is always there. But you have to look for it. That’s what your higher selves want for you, and for themselves.

See your human lives from your higher selves’ perspective. Make that choice. Then you will find joy. Then — and only then — will you find happiness.

Happiness is a choice.


What are some of the ways you’ve postponed your happiness?
We want to hear from you!


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