Have We Done Enough? by John Cali

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I grew up in a small farming town on the shores of Lake Erie in western New York State. It’s a quiet little town, pretty and peaceful. I suppose that’s part of what attracted so many Italian immigrant families, including my own family.

John Cali

One of my family’s old neighbors and friends, Tony, was recently featured in the town’s weekly newspaper. Tony died many years ago, but I still remember him clearly. He was a multi-talented and colorful character.

Tony was a self-taught artist. His landscape paintings were exhibited in the Albright Knox Galleries in Buffalo, the Fine Arts Institute of Pittsburgh, Cleveland’s Museum of Art, and New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. In the 1930s Walt Disney Studios offered him a job, but he didn’t want to leave his beloved hometown.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tony also had his own orchestra and was a concert violinist. His performances were broadcast live on radio. He was also an accomplished architect, carpenter, antique furniture restorer, car mechanic, race car builder and driver.

He was truly a renaissance man.

Tony had a son, also named Tony, about my age. Young Tony and I were close friends and I spent many happy hours in his home. Father Tony was always so kind to us kids, and I loved being around him. He was full of joy and enthusiasm. He loved life and that love was highly contagious.

After I read the newspaper article I was talking to a cousin I grew up with and who also knew Tony. We were marveling at all his accomplishments. Then she said to me “Have we done enough in our lives?”

Here’s Spirit.


“Have we done enough?” That’s a question humans often torture themselves with. The answer is implied in the question itself: “No, we have not done enough!”

Your planet is going through some interesting challenging times right now. You don’t need us to remind you of that.

Many of you are feeling tired, confused, scared, depressed, wondering what the future holds for you and your world.

You’re constantly looking for what you can do to fix things.

First of all, nothing needs fixing. Some will disagree with us on that. But you all individually and your Mother Earth are going through a necessary transition. Painful though it feels on many fronts — financial, personal, spiritual, in your relationships, etc. — it is a cleansing, a purification, if you will. One you’ve needed and have been building up to for centuries.

Friends, this is good news! There’s nothing to fear. There’s nothing to do.

What you need to “do” is to just “be.”

Let’s explain that a bit.

Part of this transition is each of you individually coming into greater alignment, greater intimacy with, God — or whatever you call God. We prefer to think of it as your soul and your physical body being “fused” together.

The process can certainly be uncomfortable, even painful. But trust the process and you will move through it more easily and quickly.

You don’t have to do anything to get through this. Just allow yourselves to feel the energies. Allow God — in a very literal sense — to come to earth. Allow the God you are to once again be part of your physical beings.

We would urge you to take quiet time for yourselves, and do it regularly. Spend that time breathing. As simple as it sounds, conscious breathing is a powerful tool to help you move through these times and to help you “anchor” God in your physical bodies.

Do whatever your bodies, your feelings guide you to do. We would urge you to drink more pure water than you normally do — this is a powerful cleansing and healing tool, not only physically but also spiritually.

The “bottom line,” friends, is you do not have to do anything. At least nothing extraordinary, as our friend Tony did in his lifetime.

Do whatever you are guided to do. But do not force yourselves into action just because you feel the desperate need to do something, anything. That is totally counterproductive.

You will make it through this transition. At the other end of this seemingly dark tunnel great joy and light await you. God is coming to earth once again. You are God.

Just enjoy be-ing who you are — God.

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