Hiding Our Talents by John Cali

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How many of us deliberately hide our talents or downplay our strengths? I certainly have in years past, many times.

John Cali

I know many of you are familiar with Ann Albers. Among her many activities, she publishes a wonderful weekly newsletter of channelled information from her spirit guides whom she calls, simply, “The Angels.”

In Ann’s newsletter last week The Angels said this: “Your talents, when hidden, do not serve you or the world. Change yourself, be willing to share what you love and do for the joy of it, and receive in return.”

When I first moved to Wyoming some years ago, I never talked with the people here about my work. In fact, I went out of my way to conceal it. Most of the Wyoming people I know are conservative, republican, and Christian. They’re wonderful folks, and I love them. But I had simply assumed none of them would be interested in my work.

Then not long ago I decided I wasn’t being true to myself. From that time on whenever anyone asked me what my work was I told them, point-blank. Some were aghast and just backed out of the conversation. But, to my delighted surprise, some were very open-minded about it all, even though my beliefs were different from theirs.

My willingness to talk about Spirit opened quite a few doors. Now some of these folks even subscribe to our newsletter, and are very supportive of Spirit and me. This would have been an impossible dream for me only a few years ago.

Here’s Spirit.


One of the most common perceptions we hold of humans in general is they often are afraid to be authentic, to be who they really are. This was certainly true of John, as he said.

You do no one any good by hiding your light under a bushel, as your Bible says. Not yourselves, not your families, friends, or acquaintances.

If there ever was a time in human history when you — the lightworkers, the awakening ones — were needed, this is that time.

We’ve talked recently, several times, about the turmoil your world seems to be in right now. All of you are aware of it — all you have to do is look around you.

John and we, in our conversations with people lately, have found many of them scared, confused, even in despair and depression. It’s not the easiest of times to be alive on your planet. But, despite appearances, it is absolutely the best of times.


Because you all, individually and en masse, are moving into higher vibrations, higher dimensions. You are awakening and remembering who you are and why you are here. Some of you — those reading this, for example — are more awake than many, if not most, of the humans on your planet today.

You are needed! All of you who are spiritually aware are needed today more than ever. Even those who, like the Wyoming folks John spoke of, don’t seem interested or appear not to care, need you.

You are the catalysts that will make this journey you’re all on far easier and smoother.

This is not the time to hide your talents. And no matter what you “do” for a “living,” it’s who you are that matters most. Even if you don’t think your work, whatever it may be, is worthwhile, you are worthwhile. Who you are affects others far more powerfully than what you do.

Acknowledge and accept you are valuable. You have much to offer your sisters and brothers, especially those who are struggling.

Claim your power. Be authentic. Be who you are. The world needs you. We in Spirit need you.

This is the time to know, without doubt or question, you are God also.

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