How Do I Stay Out of My Body’s Way? by John Cali

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One of our newsletter readers recently wrote us asking “How do I get out (and stay out) of my body’s way to facilitate healing?”

Great question!

John Cali

Here’s the letter:

I was delayed in reading your article on physical disease. So sorry for the late response. But there is a question I would like to ask.

Would you offer some suggestions to assist with releasing resistance (mine is resentment). Or as Spirit puts it “Quit rubbing the poison ivy on your body . . . .”

After many years of living with the same patterns (i.e., resentment), I catch myself after the event — after I have rubbed the poison ivy on. How can I stop the process (and) become aware earlier, even before the thought pattern is triggered and played out? Or put in another way, how do I stop myself when I am reaching for the poison ivy?

How do I get out (and stay out) of my body’s way to facilitate healing?

Thank you once again for the awesome love and light you and Spirit offer.


Here’s Spirit.


Staying out of your body’s way is a lot simpler than many of you think. It only seems difficult because of the habits you have created. Let’s take Monica’s situation.

She said she catches herself in the same pattern — in this case, after she has “rubbed the poison ivy on.” She asked how she can become aware earlier, before she launches herself into another bout of resentment.

First, you always have clues before “the thought pattern (habit or belief) is triggered and played out,” in her words.

You do not need to focus on the thought pattern itself. You do need to focus on how you are feeling. Always, always be aware of your feelings! That is the clue you are looking for here.

When you begin to feel resentment again, you don’t have to get into a full-fledged fury before you’re aware of what’s happening. Your feelings will give you crystal-clear clues.

Pay attention to those situations or relationships where your resentment is easily triggered. You will notice you are starting to feel uncomfortable. Perhaps you’re getting hot, or feeling your stomach churning or your chest tightening up. Your body always reacts to the vibrations you are putting out.

So if you’re feeling any negative emotion your body responds in a negative way. (This, incidentally, is the root cause of dis-ease — simply forming that habit of again and again getting yourself into a fit of resentment, anger, sadness, etc. etc.)

If you’re feeling positive emotion your body responds to that also. You thereby allow it to restore itself to that natural state of perfect balance, health, alignment.

It probably won’t happen instantly. After all, you did not form the resentment habit instantly either. You worked at for a while, perhaps a long while.

So the key here is to be aware of how you’re feeling in every waking moment. Again, your body will give you clues. You do not have to be aware of your thoughts, only your feelings.

With that awareness will come the power to shift your thoughts instantly. Think thoughts that feel good, especially when you sense yourself getting into a downward spiral. The positive thoughts will create positive vibrations. Your body and the universe will respond to those vibrations immediately.

You probably cannot go from raging resentment to peace and joy in one fell swoop. But you can shift the energy and start moving back into that natural state of peace, joy, and love.

Do not seek instant changes. Instead seek relief a little at a time. Focus on what feels good in your life, what you appreciate and love. You can build that habit as easily as you built the habit of resentment.

So the bottom line here is first, be aware of your feelings. Second, seek relief from your negative feelings by reaching for a more positive thought.

It really is that simple.

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