How Do I View the Event? by John Cali

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John Cali

As this new year dawned just a few days ago, our thoughts and heartfelt compassion were directed to all those souls caught up in the earthquake and tsunami. Today (January 4), the Washington Post reported the death toll at 140,000 and climbing. Certainly a human tragedy of unimaginable proportions.

At our discussion group one of our members asked some pretty sobering questions about this event. Questions, I’m sure, that are on the minds of many. Two other of our members responded to her questions. All three postings are powerful and articulate.

So this week we’re doing something we almost never do. We’re giving Spirit a “vacation.” And I’m publishing those three postings from our discussion group. I think you’ll find them poignantly thought-provoking.


Hi, everybody —

Sorry I’ve been so quiet; school got crazy and I’ve just been reading and absorbing. I’m going through a strange stage right now, and am not sure how to describe it. It’s good, though, because it is resulting in growth.

Anyway, I’m trying to get my head around the earthquake and tsunami. Every time I go to the computer, the death toll has jumped. My children and I have offered prayers, and I find myself staring out at my incredibly flat back yard (I live in north Texas), straining to see something. What message does a sudden leap of so many souls bring? Why am I here when they are not? Is this but a preparation for a greater event? Other than money, how can I help? These are just some of the thoughts in my mind. Is anyone else having trouble like this?

love and light,
(name deleted)

Response #1

Dear (name deleted),

I would be very surprised if there were many people who were NOT having the same difficulty that you are having! Ultimately all of us have to find our own meaning in such an event….but here are some thoughts that I have run across which have brought some comfort to me, though I know that from a human perspective it is impossible to really understand such an event.

I have heard it said that both Mother Earth and all who live here are moving to a higher vibration of light and love and so some souls have decided to help with that transition from this side of the veil while others decided to assist in this change from the other side of the veil and so this may be one reason for such a mass exodus….and, for the same reason, there may be others in the future.

An event of this nature may also result in having all of us think about the meaning of death and whether we have perhaps viewed it inappropriately which sometimes is the reason for our sorrow and anguish. There have been many who have taught that our lives are eternal and thus death is merely a transition from one phase to another and that it is really not the “tragic” event that so many have labeled it to be.

Having said that, we are humans who value each and every life and so it is heartbreaking to see the pictures and hear about the stories. Out of this global catastrophe of unprecedented proportions has come an unprecedented outpouring of aid and support, not only from governments but also from individuals. One of the relief agencies, it might have been CARE, said that in the past several days they have received more donations than they received during the whole of 2004. Perhaps we are beginning to realize that we are all connected, that we are all family, and that we all are diminished by another’s pain and uplifted by another’s joy. Perhaps we will also begin to look at our priorities and start to wonder whether all those things which cause conflicts, be they global or local, are really important enough and therefore worthy of the time and energy and effort that we thought they merited.

As to what all of us can do….again, it is a matter of individual inspiration. Assisting financially and sending prayers of love and light are ways that are available to most people. I would also like to suggest that in spite of all the heartbreak we make every effort to maintain our own connections with our Divine Spirit in order to keep our own individual vibrations high…..for this planet and each person and living being needs as much of this energy as can be directed here in this time and space reality.

I hope that other folks will share some of their ideas and suggestions for ways to get through this very, very difficult time.

Wishing everyone in this group a New Year filled with wisdom, light and love and joy,
(name deleted)

Response #2

“Any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” – John Donne.

Yes, the bells are tolling all across Asia for these beautiful souls who have taken their journey to the higher worlds. They are blessed, they are loved, they are our brothers and sisters and they are valued by loved ones and those of us who mourn them during this sacred moment in time. The devastation and the loss of so many lives is incomprehensible to me. My tears flow for all of them, especially for the children. Yet I am finding joy and comfort as I witness their loved ones who have survived rebuilding their lives and receiving so much love and support from all over the world. My gift to them is to send them my love in thought, word and action that will uplift their spirit and bring a sense of hope, and perhaps joy, back into their lives.

This New Year’s Day is indeed a day of mourning all across the world. The bells are tolling for those souls who are now living in the Light of Spirit. May they find the Light of Peace and live eternally in the Spirit of Joy.

(name deleted)

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