Human Suffering: The Eternal Question by John Cali

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John Cali

As those of you who’ve been with us a while know, the focus of Spirit’s and my work is joy. In fact, Spirit says our primary purpose in life is joy.

Spirit and I are occasionally criticized, sometimes harshly, for taking this approach. But that’s okay. When you put yourself and your words out there for the world to see, the criticism comes with the territory.

I am fortunate enough to have several close friends who live in near-constant physical pain. I say I am “fortunate” to have these friends. For they have been great teachers for me. In this lifetime, I’ve had it pretty easy and have pretty much gotten all I’ve gone after. I haven’t known much suffering.

However, I’ve recently had some in-depth, soul-searching conversations with one of these friends on that eternal question of human suffering.

Those conversations have helped me adopt a far more compassionate understanding of those humans who suffer great physical and emotional pain and trauma. I haven’t always felt such compassion.

Spirit and I often talk about creating our own realities. And so my attitude toward human suffering has generally been, “Well, if you don’t want to suffer, then get the hell out of your pain. You do, after all, create your own reality.”

Not a very compassionate or caring attitude, as I realize now.

And most certainly not the compassionate approach Spirit takes toward all those who come to him in their suffering.

My friends, those who suffer, are invariably spiritually aware, and generally have an upbeat, positive, and joyous outlook on life. Even through their tears and intense pain, they smile and uplift others.

They are a great inspiration to me, and to many.

One of them in particular, my dear friend Suzy Whyte from South Africa, is a powerful healer.

Suzy is the one I’ve recently talked with in depth about human suffering. She’s one of the wisest, most beautiful and powerful women I’ve ever known. She has great compassion and understanding for the human condition. She’s touched and healed so many of her sisters and brothers over the years, all over the world.

Suzy has given me a totally new perspective on that eternal question of human suffering. She has opened my heart to her and to all those who suffer. She has given me a gift beyond measure. I am forever grateful to her.

Thank you, Suzy.


It is true, as John says, you all create your own realities. Acknowledging that fact of life gives you a great sense of release and freedom. But also a great sense of responsibility.

It is that sense of responsibility that often weighs heavily upon your shoulders.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And, in fact, it should not be that way. This is one of the few times you will ever hear us use the “S” word.

To gain a higher and clearer understanding of this issue of human suffering you need to understand–and accept–the process by which all of you create your own realities.

Before you incarnated into your current physical bodies, you–at the soul level of your higher self–decided upon all the details of this physical lifetime.

You chose your parents, your siblings, your place of birth, your circumstances of birth– and most importantly, for the purposes of our conversation today–you chose the precise physical body into which you would be born.

We don’t need to tell you many of you have chosen bodies which are less than perfect by your often ridiculous human standards of health and beauty.

Also, although you may be born into a healthy and attractive human body, sometimes that body becomes something less than healthy and beautiful during the course of your life.

It’s important for you to know your soul–that higher, wiser, more loving part of you that exists eternally in the blissful realms of Spirit–has orchestrated all of this.

You might object,, “But Spirit, how can that be? How can my soul dictate a life of pain for me?”

Your soul has not decreed you should suffer in this lifetime, though you may well be suffering. Your soul has decided the circumstances into which you were born, including those circumstances surrounding your physical bodies, are among the highest and best opportunities for you to make a difference in your often pain-filled world.

Once you incarnate you continue to have free will. And you, on the human level, can choose to alter the circumstances into which you were born. You always carry the creative power to go where you will.

However, not all of you choose to alter your birth circumstances, especially in regard to your physical bodies.

Instead, some of you have chosen to teach others through your example of living joyfullydespite the deficiencies of your physical bodies. Like John’s friend Suzy. She is adept at helping others to heal by her loving approach to all others who suffer as she does.

Suzy–and others like her–care. They love. They touch. And they heal.

There are many ways to heal yourself and help others heal themselves. You are not limited here.

You often think of healing in terms of your physical life–healing your body so you may move through your remaining years free of pain and suffering.

That is one form of healing.

But death is another form of healing. Helping someone move beyond the heavy veil of flesh into the blissful realms of Spirit is a most powerful way to heal.

The greatest healers among you are sometimes those who have suffered the most. It behooves you to not judge another. Simply because another is experiencing challenges with her physical body does not mean she is a lost soul who doesn’t know how to create the reality she is living.

These folks are often the most enlightened beings among you. They have consciously chosen to create their own realities through their bright shining example to others. They know how to live joyously, for they know their physical pain is but a passing illusion. And they use it as a powerful tool to achieve healing on many levels–for themselves and for others.

The ways of Spirit are wondrous and myriad. Often those among you who suffer most are also the most enlightened, caring, and compassionate of your brothers and sisters. They are often your greatest healers.

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  1. Veronica

    Hi John,
    Thank you very much for the work you do as a channel. I have a question regarding suffering. What would be the process, if you are suffering, to stop physical suffering? Or even if you don’t have it, what would be the proccess to have a life free of suffering till the end?

    Maybe you could ask Spirit and give us the answer… We understand the theory, but many times we don’t know HOW.

    • John Cali

      Hi Veronica,

      You’re very welcome. And thank you for your question.

      I’d be happy to answer your question. But I think it would be better if you emailed me at — we could deal with your question that way — and with whatever issues there may be behind your question.


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