Inner Peace by John Cali

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John Cali

In last week’s newsletter Spirit said “True peace on earth begins within your own hearts.”

One of the responses to that comment went as follows:

“Now how about a follow-up to Spirit’s wise words of this week that would give us a few hints about how to pursue, capture, and/or enhance that inner peace?”


The one, and only, certain key to peace–peace on earth or peace within your own hearts–is allowance.

And so, you might ask, “Just what is allowance, Spirit?”

Well, for starters, allowance is the biggest challenge most of you have in this incarnation. And, most likely, in many of your other earthly incarnations.

It is a peculiarly human problem–this problem of simply allowing whatever is to just be.

Most of you have not yet mastered the art of allowing. But you are learning–or remembering–it as you go along.

We are neither judging nor criticizing you for not having learned allowing sooner. We are simply saying this challenge is the reason many of you have chosen, at the soul level, to come into this particular incarnation at this particular point in your human history.

All the seeming chaos and confusion you are experiencing in your modern world is presenting you with magnificent opportunities to learn and remember, once and for all time, the art of allowing.

The real, true, and only sure key to peace is in simply allowing everything and everyone to be–just to be whatever or whoever it/they may choose to be.

The only reason you do not feel peace within–or peace in your world–is because you have not trusted that all is as it should be–and that all is well.

Once you trust, once you know in your hearts all is well, you will find a deep abiding sense of peace pervading your entire being, your entire life.

And that vibration of peace–that vibration of allowing yourself, your sisters and brothers, and all that is, to simply be okay exactly where they all are in this present moment–that is the one and only key to all you seek.

We realize this all sounds so simple–perhaps too simple to most of you. But it really is simple–the simplest thing you will ever do.

Here is what we would advise you to do–a practical exercise in allowing.

Set aside one day of your week, and resolve on that day you will refrain from judging or criticizing anyone (including yourself) or anything. If you catch yourself in judgement or criticism, let it be okay. Allow it to be okay.

This process will make you more and more aware. And as you grow in your awareness of how you judge and criticize, you will judge and criticize less and less.

As you judge and criticize less and less, you will find a deepening and expanding sense of peace in your hearts. Those around you will feel your peace, and will take it into their own hearts.

As more and more of you do this, it will have a “ripple effect.” Ultimately, whether you live to see the results in this lifetime or not, you will be contributing mightily to global peace–the peace on earth you have all yearned for over the eons.

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