Just Do It by John Cali

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In last week’s newsletter article, Lost, I mentioned a private conversation I had with Spirit. He was helping me interpret a strange dream I had.

John Cali

There was a part of that conversation I didn’t talk about last week. The part where Spirit “lectured” me about my habit of intellectualizing everything.

I’ve had a years-long habit of being super-cautious before I take any action. I usually analyzed things to death, even after my inner guidance told me to go ahead. I’ve pretty much kicked that habit, though I still occasionally catch myself doing it.

This is somewhat similar to my experience, in that dream last week, when I refused help from my higher self. Instead of simply trusting my inner guidance (which is my higher self), I’d mentally examine all the possible outcomes. Often driving myself nuts in the process.

Whenever Spirit observes me doing this he’ll tell me to stop all the intellectualizing and just do it.

Here’s Spirit.

Friends, you need to just be in the present moment instead of trying to figure out the future. One of the biggest challenges many of you have is getting out of your minds. We don’t mean going crazy, just simply trusting your feelings, your inner guidance (that is, your higher selves) above the guidance of your minds.

Many of you have been taught from early childhood to not trust your feelings, which children are expert at. Instead you have been told to trust only what you’re told — usually by the “authorities” in your lives. You know, your parents, teachers, priests, ministers, the government, etc.

Trust them without doubt or question. But ignore the ones who know best — your higher selves, your inner guidance. That’s what you’re told.

So it’s no wonder so many of you do as John did for so long. Even though he’s been on a conscious, deliberate spiritual path many years, he occasionally goes back to that bothersome old habit of putting aside his inner guidance. Then he explores with his mind “all the possible outcomes,” as he put it. Often that includes outcomes he does not want. We call that fear and worry.

Friends, this is totally counterproductive. We are not saying to ignore the considerable powers of your human minds.

But we are saying not to make your minds, your intellects, the supreme power in your lives. They are not!

Your higher selves speak to you in many ways, often through your inner guidance. This can take the form of intuition, premonitions, simply knowing something without knowing how you know it.

When you receive this kind of high guidance you will know it beyond doubt by how it feels. It always feels good. It’s that simple.

When you receive this guidance and it feels good, that should be the end of it. You don’t need to analyze it to death, in John’s words.

Forget analysis. Forget second-guessing your higher selves. Just do it. Whatever it is your higher selves are telling you, just do it.

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