Lemmings by John Cali

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You’re probably familiar with the lemming myths. Lemmings are real animals, but some of their alleged behavior, though legendary, never happened.
John Cali

Lemmings are small rodents living in or near the frigid regions of the Arctic Circle. Among the myths surrounding these little creatures is one from the 1500s when they were thought to fall out of the sky during storms.

Another myth, popularized by many, including Disney Studios of all people, was lemmings often committed mass suicide, following one another over cliffs, plunging to their deaths.

The 1958 Disney film, White Wilderness, had one scene purportedly showing lemmings jumping off a cliff. The scene reportedly was staged, and the lemmings were in fact thrown off and did not voluntarily jump. (I know, I know — those of us sensitive to animal suffering find that abhorrent.)

So the very word, “lemming” became synonymous with mindlessly following the dictates of others. Whether those others be governments, schools, churches — even our spiritual teachers, families and friends.

In other words, simply buying into popular opinion, or the mass consciousness. And ignoring our own inner guidance.

You don’t have to look far these days to see lemming-like behavior. Perhaps even in your bathroom mirror.

Here’s Spirit.

Friends, you always know when you are “guilty” of “lemming-like behavior,” to use John’s words.

How do you know? By the way it feels to you.

It probably does not feel good, for example, to read a book you feel no resonance with simply because a good friend said “You just gotta read this book!”

Take a good look — a careful “inventory,” in fact — of all the things you’ve done, said, thought, or owned simply because others said you “should.” You’ll probably come up with a long list, a sad litany of all the times you listened to others and ignored the God within.

We are not telling you to chastise or punish yourself because you’ve been there and done that. We are telling you it’s time to wake up and stop all that nonsense.

You are living in what, from our perspective, is truly a new age. It’s a time for you to take back your life. A time for you to reclaim your power. A time to remember who you are — God.

In fact, it’s way past time. Do it. Do it now! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

You are not lemmings. You are God.

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