Life and Death by John Cali

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Whenever I mention the word “death” to people, I almost always get a negative reaction. Perhaps you had such a reaction when you read the title of this article.
John Cali

In just the past couple months we’ve had three deaths among my family and two among old family friends.

When I was younger, I didn’t really understand death that well. After all, I grew up in a large Roman Catholic family of Sicilian immigrants. Death was not something we talked about a lot. And when we did talk about it, it was with a certain amount of fear and dread. You know, “I wonder if he or she went to heaven or hell. Or maybe to purgatory.” That sort of stuff.

Yet, even as a little kid, death never seemed the dreadful or, at best, uncertain fate most of the adults around me said it was. I didn’t buy that.

I used to enjoy the family funerals because I intuitively knew death wasn’t a bad thing. Also because the Sicilians know how to throw great parties after the funerals. Even though they dreaded death, they always celebrated the life of the departed. It was great fun for me as a kid.

Today funerals are still fun for me. I don’t mean to diminish or make light of the genuine grief people feel for their “lost” loved ones. But, really, we humans have such limited — and to be honest — awful perspectives on death.

As Abraham once said in a seminar while talking about mass deaths in natural disasters, “You gotta get over this death thing!” Meaning, death ain’t all that bad!

Spirit has said “Dying is the easiest thing you will ever do.”

Here’s more from Spirit.

Life and death are not opposites. They are simply different aspects of the eternal lives you all have. You do not end with the “death” of your physical bodies. You go on forever.

Those of you reading this know that. It would make sense for someone to fear death if they believed that was the end of them.

But none of you believe that. Yet you often fear death. Or, as John mentioned, you’re at least uncomfortable discussing it.

Friends, your fear of death is keeping you from fully experiencing the joy of life. Death is keeping you from living!

You, as your higher selves, came here to this lifetime with the clear intent to have fun. (Despite the specific circumstances of your birth and the lifetime that followed.) That intent did not include fear of death.

It did not include fear of death because you knew death didn’t exist. But you were brainwashed into thinking it did exist and was to be feared. In the beginning you knew you would come here, have some fun, and then head on back to where you came from.

This is all part of your eternal growth process. You never stop growing. We here in spirit never stop growing.

There are no destinations, only the journey. Enjoy the journey whether it takes you into physical form or out of it.

You’ve all “died” many times. Yet you go on. Death is, as you say, “old hat.” It’s the easiest thing you will ever do. Even if your physical lifetime has not been easy.

So while you are here in physical form, take joy in your life. Chill out. Have fun! That’s what it’s all about.

All is well.

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