Lost by John Cali

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One night last week I had a strange and scary dream.
John Cali

I used to be a commercial pilot and flight instructor. I’ve always loved flying and everything to do with aviation, though I haven’t piloted a plane in years. I occasionally think about taking it up again, but only as a hobby this time.

Therefore it makes sense that in my dream I was thinking about flying again. Here’s the rest of the dream:

Arnold, a close friend and fellow pilot in “real life” from many years ago, offered to take me flying and give me a “refresher course.”

So off we flew into the wild blue yonder. Arnold had plotted out a course for a flight of about a thousand miles. He was an expert pilot and flight instructor when we flew together so long ago. He still is.

A few minutes into the flight I grew restless, and told Arnold I could make the flight without him.

He didn’t argue. So we landed and then I took off alone. I’d been airborne only a few minutes when I realized I was hopelessly lost. I had no idea where I was or how to get to our planned destination. Hell, I didn’t even know how to get back to the airport we’d taken off from!

I was pretty scared and floundered around looking for something on the ground I recognized. But there was nothing. I just kept getting more scared and more lost.

Then I woke up.

The next morning I talked to Spirit about the dream. Together we figured out what it was all about.

Here’s Spirit.

(NOTE: Here Spirit uses the singular “I” when referring to himself. As you know, he usually uses the plural, which represents the group of spirits I channel. But often when I’m talking to Spirit for my own personal issues, it’s just him and me.)

I love this dream because it vividly demonstrated to John what happens when you get lost. Or, more to the point, how you get lost.

Of course, I’m not talking about getting lost in an airplane. I’m talking about getting lost in life.

As John and I talked about his dream the next morning, it became clear to him what the dream represented.

The airplane, of course, was his human life. His friend Arnold was his higher self.

In thinking he could navigate alone over a long course of a thousand miles, John simply got lost. He didn’t have to get lost. But he refused Arnold’s help. Next thing he knew he was floundering around lost and scared, as he put it.

This dream was an excellent experience for John. I’m glad he had it. Because, as good as he’s gotten at trusting and relying on his higher self, he sometimes simply forgets he has all this magnificent guidance and wisdom closer to him than if he had it all at his fingertips.

You are never alone. You don’t have to navigate a course of a thousand miles — or a lifetime of a hundred years — alone. You have help.

You all know intuitively when you’re drifting away from your higher selves, when you’re refusing their help and guidance. You know by how you feel. It just doesn’t feel good.

It’s that simple.

So, friends, remember you all have this magnificent being of light and love right there with you. You can call on him/her whenever you want. This is the greater God part of you. That all-wise, all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful God within.

Trust that God (who is you). Then you’ll never get lost.

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