Love Is Not Enough by John Cali

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John Cali

A long time ago, in the dim and distant recesses of my memory, I remember one of the darkest times of my life. My young son, then about seven years old, his mother, and I were sitting together talking about a deeply troubling and painful situation in our lives.

We were working, struggling our way through this devilishly difficult conversation. Our son, wise little one that he was (and still is, though not so little any more), thought love was the answer to the seeming dilemma. His mother responded, “Love is not enough.” And, to be honest, I agreed with her.

Our son, in that innocent wisdom of young souls not that far removed from their memories of life’s other side, exclaimed, “Love is enough! It’s all there is!”

Out of the mouths of babes . . .

Here’s Spirit.


The word “love” is much bandied about, if you will, in your modern society. And yet many who use the word never pause to consider its true meaning.

For if everyone who ever uttered the word “love” knew (remembered, really) its true meaning, then all the problems humans are facing today on your planet would simply vanish.

And you would truly have Heaven on Earth.

We would define love as the deliberate, conscious choice to see the divine nature in all beings.

If you do your best to see the divinity in all beings, you will never have any desire to own, control, manipulate, misuse, or abuse any of the Great Spirit’s creatures or creations.

If you see other beings, particularly your human sisters and brothers, in this light, it would not be possible for you to commit murder, wage war, ravish your environment. It is simply impossible if you acknowledge the divinity in all beings.

A caveat here — it’s particularly important for you to remember and acknowledge the divinity within yourself first. And then you will easily and effortlessly see and acknowledge it in all others.

Is love enough? No, not in the ways many humans define it. But is real love enough? Absolutely!

For when you remember what love truly is, you will simply be incapable of doing harm either to yourselves or to another.

Love is enough. It’s the only way.


Is love always enough? Please comment below.

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  1. AJ

    I have a problem with this one, does it mean I shouldn’t kill cockroaches or other pests like ants and rats? Also for food does it mean I shouldn’t kill plants and animals?

  2. anny

    As I already wrote before, to me God is Love and Love is God, Love is all there is. Love is a Force, it is the highest Energy there is and when a person is fully awakened this Energy emanates from him or her. He or she then loves everyone. It is impossible not to love in that state of mind. Therefore Love is also impersonal. I kind of revolted against that thought when I heard it first, because I thought it meant not caring about a person. But that is not what it means. It means caring about a person more than any ordinary human being can, only, not just about that person. It means caring about everybody that way. In Hebrew the word for love is ‘ahava’ and the numerical value of this word is 13. The Hebrew word for one (1) is ‘echad’ and that also equals 13. This means that Love and the One(ness) are the same. It means judging becomes impossible. It means being right becomes impossible because that would imply somebody else being wrong and Love would never say that. Love allows us to be who we are and to have the experiences we have without judging them. It makes you feel wonderfully accepted, no matter what anybody else thinks or says about you.



    • John Cali

      That’s a beautiful perspective, Anny, of love — and what real love is. Thank you very much!


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