Matters of Life and Death by John Cali

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We had a death in our family last Saturday. It was neither tragic nor unexpected. She had lived a good, long life, and she was ready to go.

John Cali

That same day, I spoke with another family member who’d just faced her own mortality in a totally unexpected way.

She’d been on a business trip, and was on her return flight home. A few minutes after takeoff, the plane made a terrifyingly loud noise. Moments later, the captain announced they were descending immediately to land. The flight attendants instructed everyone to keep their heads down.

The plane’s landing gear had failed, and the pilots skillfully and safely brought the plane down, wheels up, on a foam-covered runway. All were shaken, but safe.

Every day of our lives is one step closer to the day we will die. All last weekend, these two family experiences, one of death and one of near-death, had me pondering matters of life and death.

Here’s Spirit.


We’ve talked about death so many times over the years, some of you may be tired of hearing about it from us. But our messages bear repeating because so many humans have a deep dread of death. And that, of course, is because they don’t understand what death really is.

Friends, death is not the end of you. Death is, yes, the end of your physical body. But your body is not you. Your body, the sacred temple that it is, is not you. It’s only a tool, an extension of your higher selves, and of God. Without it, you obviously could not navigate the course you (your higher selves) have charted across the seas of physical life.

Your physical bodies are sacred and holy, and should always be honored and respected — by you yourselves and by every other human walking the planet today. If everyone did that, you’d have instant peace on earth. But that’s another subject for another day.

Neither God nor your higher selves ever intended you, the humans, to keep your physical bodies forever. And you do not keep them forever — that’s obvious.

Your cycles through life and death, life and death have spanned the centuries. Life is death. Death is life. They are merely different aspects of your physical and spiritual spectrum of eternal existence.

But so many of you, even some of those who already consciously know what we are telling you here today, still have a hellishly hard time accepting death — the deaths of your loved ones, and your own inevitable death.

Maybe you know in your head death is not the end of you. But you have not yet known in your heart the beauty, the perfection, and the blessing death always brings to every one of you.

First of all, death is simply another step on your eternal journey of growth. You’re never going to heaven, because you already are in heaven. And you’re never going to hell, because hell doesn’t exist.

Death is the easiest thing you will ever do. After all, you’ve had lots of practice — you’ve died hundreds, thousands of times before.

If you could view your inevitable death at the end of this physical lifetime as your higher selves view it, you would be flooded with indescribable joy.

You would see your death as the perfect conclusion to a successful physical lifetime. Whether, in your own eyes or the eyes of others, that lifetime has been “successful” or not.

You are all great successes. Every experience you have ever had in this lifetime has contributed to the greater good of all that is. None of you are failures. You are all great success stories.

That, friends, is how your higher selves — and God — see you. And when you are done with what you’ve come to do, you will — in the perfect time and perfect way — move beyond the physical.

And your higher selves and God will welcome you home once more.

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