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As humans, we often talk about miracles as if they were mysterious events, beyond human understanding. What  if they were, instead, ordinary everyday happenings?


What Miracles Are Not

What you call “miracles” are precisely the opposite of how your human intellects define them.  You see them as extraordinary events. They are not that.

What Miracles Are

Miracles are so ordinary, you usually are blind to them. Take that pregnant woman above. Do see her and her baby as a miracle? Often, probably not. But that is a real miracle—life is a miracle.

Why You Cannot See Miracles

Your vision is usually limited to what you can see with your physical eyes. While those eyes are necessary for you to operate well in your physical world, they are not true vision. True vision has little to do with your physical bodies.

So What Is True Vision?

Your soul, or spirit if you prefer, has true vision. Obviously, it has no physical existence. But when you see through the “eyes” of spirit, you are seeing truly.

An example: Have you ever known something was about to happen, with no proof? Then it happens. That knowing, sometimes called “intuition,” is your true vision.


Perhaps we’ll continue this discussion in an upcoming post.


Alan Watts is one of my favorite spiritual teachers. In this short video, titled You Are a Miracle, he talks about the ordinary events of life we take for granted. Yet, they are miracles.

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Have you ever stopped your busy life for a few moments to consider how many real miracles are right there in front of you? These past few weeks, in my personal life, there have been several events I would call true miracles.

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