Mother Earth

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Steven Charleston is an Episcopal bishop and a member of the Choctaw Native American Tribe. His religious practices are a blend of his Christian faith and Native American spirituality.

Reverend Charleston practices what’s been called laying on of hands.” He’s also an environmental activist.

He has invited all people to join him in a healing ceremony for our Mother Earth. In the ceremony, as he lays his hands on the earth, he says “Thank you, Mother, for all you have given us. Be healed of all that harms you.”


Your Mother Earth is a living, breathing entity, just as your physical bodies are. She has a soul, or spirit, just as all humans do. She is a soul, a spirit, as you are. Therefore, she deserves to be loved, respected, and honored.

Many of you are sad and despairing over the havoc humanity has wrought upon your beloved mother. But there is hope.

As we have said many times, there is no such thing as an incurable illness. Your bodies are perfectly capable of healing themselves—if you allow them to.

That’s the caveat—you must allow the healing. You don’t need us to remind you of the ways you can and do interfere with that healing.

All we have just said applies to your Mother Earth also. She is able to heal herself. She is, in fact, doing that at this moment, in every way she knows. Many of your so-called “natural” disasters are due to Mother Earth’s efforts to heal herself.

We know many of you are working with Mother Earth in helping her to heal. And she will heal, just as all of you will. It may not seem that way right now. But it will happen.

One way you can speed up the healing is by following Reverend Charleston’s suggestion to lay your hands upon the earth while saying “Thank you, Mother, for all you have given us. Be healed of all that harms you.”

So simple, yet so powerful.

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Although this video explains the laying on of hands from a Christian perspective, it also gives us insight into how the process works. You don’t need to be a Christian to give or receive healing.

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