Our Ever-Changing Lives by John Cali

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As I mentioned to you last week, I’m making changes in my spiritual work.

John Cali

When I was younger I often had a hard time with change. Eventually I realized, short of dying, there was no way I could avoid change in this lifetime.

Last week when I was faced with having to make major changes in my work, I was upset about it for a few hours. (The details are not important, but those changes will soon be obvious to you.)

Then I realized our lives are ever-changing. I certainly did not want or intend to go back to where I’d been in my younger years, resisting every change, big and small. So I just decided to go along for the ride and enjoy it.

Since I still have an unusually busy schedule we’re again repeating an old newsletter article. Naturally, it’s about change. I enjoyed re-reading it. I hope you do too.

Spirit Speaks about change.


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