Perfect Health, Aging, and Death by John Cali

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John Cali

One of our readers sent us a response to our newsletter article of last December 16, You’re Probably Going To Die From This. You might want to take a look at it now, especially if you didn’t see it before, or wish to re-read it.

Here’s the reader’s letter, followed by Spirit’s response:

Hello John!

You and Spirit keep referring to the body’s ability to maintain itself in a state of perfect health, with which I most certainly agree. Yet, Spirit has also said that the body can “create and re-create itself in perfect balance every moment of your physical life, from birth to death.”

My question . . . is, how could a body which is being maintained in a state of perfect health ever age and die, as Spirit has suggested?

The obvious logic (to me) is that if we are allowing our body to maintain itself in a state of perfect health, it would not be aging or have any kind of disease or malady manifest in it at all. Aging is not a state of perfect health. Disease and death are not a state of perfect health.

People age and die from a belief system of death of the physical body and from wearing out the body (with thoughts and running the same emotions over and over and over) so that it ages and contracts disease and degenerates, ending in the “death” of the physical body.

A body that is being allowed to create and re-create itself in perfect balance every moment of your physical life would obviously not age or manifest any disease or malady (otherwise it would not be in a state of perfect health). It would not “die.”

Two options left in this case would be for the Being(s) to consciously choose, for whatever reason, to abandon the physical body, in which case the physical body would “die,” or to choose the path of ascension and take the physical body with them by raising the body’s vibrations.


Our reader has asked an excellent question. However, we mentioned nothing in that newsletter about your bodies “aging” — though they do seem to age. We did talk about the “death” of your physical bodies. And so we would like to speak further with you on this.

Rather than using the term “aging,” we’d suggest you use “moving through time.” Most people’s bodies do indeed seem to “age” as they “move through time.” But aging and moving through time are not one and the same. And, in fact, they’re not even necessarily directly related.

So what we are saying is you can move through time without aging physically. Or at least keeping the “aging process” to a minimum. We are sure you can find evidence of this if you look around you. How many “young” 80-year-olds do you know? And how many “old” 35-year-olds do you know? You’ll probably find at least a few, if you look.

So our reader is absolutely right. If you allow your body to take care of itself in the way it knows how, then you will move through time while minimizing, or even stopping, the “aging” process.

And, in fact, you can even reverse the physical aging process. But we will speak of that another time.

On the other issue the reader raised — that of the “death” of your physical bodies, we will offer a few of our thoughts for your consideration.

Your most prevalent human concept of “death” is a limited one. Death is not the end of your body. Death is not the end of anything. It is simply a natural part of your journey, your journey of eternal life.

Your body changes form when it “dies.” It must change form because you have left it.

And that’s a natural part of your eternal growth process. You’ve done it many, many times over the eons. After all, it would be cumbersome to take your physical body, in its current form, with you when you rejoin your higher self or soul. In fact, it’s impossible.

Yes, you can transform your bodies into energy. But most of you are neither capable of that yet, nor do your higher selves really care to do it that way at this time.

It is not, however, impossible. And the time will come, we suspect, when more of you will learn and want to do it.

But this is not that time. At least not for most of you.

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