Perspectives on Pain by John Cali

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This past week I received an email from a dear friend who’s had a long road of daunting physical challenges. Her latest one is learning to live with pain.

John Cali

Here is my friend’s email, slightly edited:

Dear John,

I finally today found last week’s message, Does Praying Do Any Good? I have had a series of really bleak years, feeling that my prayers are all “bouncing off the ceiling” — a really dreadful feeling to have!

I try to “know” as I once did so profoundly, that my prayers are “being heard” and will therefore be effective. But that trust runs along a dry creek bed, now.

Could it be that my “faith” is tainted by the chemicals I use to control pain? I know that too much of the powerful Vicaden that works best for me, has really “screwed around with my mind” when I mistakenly took too much. Now, I manage to live with a tolerable pain level with just half-a-tablet, twice a day. But, I realize that may still be more than my physiology can handle, without affecting my mind.

If you have any experience with this, or wisdom to share, I will appreciate hearing from you.

Love and hugs!

P.S. I do still have a comfortable feeling of the presence of Angels ’round me at all times. They so often keep me from tripping or falling, and spare me a lot of dropped items and spillage. I have no doubt that I am surrounded by a lot of love, at all times, but seem to have lost the feeling that I know exactly where that love is centralized, or how to make successful “requests.”

Here’s Spirit’s response to her:


When you are in physical pain it always means every cell in the painful part of your body is asking your Source for healing. Shift your perspective of pain from what it seems to be — a disaster or, at best, a bloody nuisance — to what it REALLY is. For what it really is is a powerful reassurance to you that your body knows what it’s doing. It knows how to heal itself.

But if the pain is intense and YOU get in the way of your body’s natural healing abilities, it is not a “bad” thing to use pain medication.

The only problem with that is people sometimes come to depend on the medication, even beyond the point where it’s no longer helping them. In other words, it’s served its purpose and your body is managing well without the medication.

The pain medication is really not serving your body anyway. It’s only getting you out of your body’s way.

Since doctors are such authority figures in your lives, we would advise continuing to consult them, and not cut the ties “cold turkey” unless you’re totally convinced you can “go it alone.” And you absolutely CAN go it alone. But don’t do it until you’re absolutely sure.

You’ve heard the term “vis medicatrix naturae” (the healing power of nature, the body’s natural healing powers). It’s more your BELIEF in the doctors and the medication that heals you of the pain and the dis-ease.

So use whatever stimulates that belief. Definitely do NOT go to any doctor or other healer who does not believe your greatest healer is within. And when YOU know your greatest healer is within you can return your body to a state of perfect health, perfect balance, perfect alignment, no matter what your body’s age or state of “deterioration.”

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