Postponing the Inevitable by John Cali

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A couple weeks ago I was talking with my brother Paul. He and his wife have a beautiful Siberian husky named Lakota. I often take care of her when Paul and my sister-in-law are traveling.

John Cali

Lakota is pretty ancient for her breed, coming up on 17 years. She’s been ailing a bit lately, but was still enjoying a fairly good, pain-free life. Several weeks ago, she began failing rapidly, and Paul decided to put her down.

First, though, he consulted their veterinarian. The vet didn’t think she should be put down just yet. Instead he gave her some new medication, a pill she actually enjoys taking.

Paul said the medication turned Lakota completely around. She was happier and more energetic than she’s been in several years. But then he added, “We’re just postponing the inevitable.” Meaning, obviously, she probably would not live a lot longer.

Here’s Spirit.


Friends, what does “postponing the inevitable” mean to you? Think about it.

Everything in your “future” is inevitable. You cannot avoid it. Nor would you, as your higher self, want to avoid it.

You came to this incarnation to play, to have fun. The reality you’ve chosen, and continue to create and re-create, is filled with diversity and contrast. You knew that before you took on these physical bodies you now occupy.

Your so-called “pets” — your domestic animal companions — also chose, at their soul level, to come into physical form and be with you.

You consider it unfortunate that your domestic pets almost always live far fewer years than you do. We realize, from our many human incarnations, how painful it can be for you to lose the physical forms of your pets. Pets who are really your family as much as the humans in your lives.

Yet those animal family members, as we said, are here because their souls chose to be here. And they chose to be with you. They came to you to be your teachers and role models. They love you unconditionally. They adore you.

They show you, in unmistakably clear ways, how you should treat your human sisters and brothers.

They teach you to live fully in the moment with joy. They do not fear life nor do they fear death. They know life and death are simply different points on the spectrum of your eternal existence.

Lakota, despite her physical failings, is still a “happy camper.” She is fully immersed in the joy of life, even now in the winter of her life.

You can certainly “postpone the inevitable” with a pill, whether we’re talking about animals or humans.

But the inevitable will come — it must come or you wouldn’t call it inevitable. In Lakota’s case, the inevitable means physical death. But it does not mean annihilation. You cannot not be. Your form will change. But you are eternal. You, the humans, and you, the animals, are eternal.

Life, death, inevitability are all part of your eternal journey of growth. You cannot not grow. You cannot become less than you’re grown to be. You are always growing and expanding. That too is inevitable.

So instead of taking the attitude you are postponing the darkly inevitable, simply see this as another light-filled, joyful step on your journey.

The journey is all you have. You have no destination — your destination is the journey. Lakota knows that. So too should you.

Journey in joy.

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