You Have The Power To Transform The World

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To see the earth as it truly is, small and blue and beautiful in that eternal silence where it floats, is to see ourselves as riders on the earth together, brothers on that bright loveliness in the eternal cold. ~ Archibald MacLeish

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The past couple of months I’ve been looking through my old files from when I first started channeling years ago. I came across this short message we’re publishing today.

Of course, I and my channeling have changed and grown since those early days. But this message is as timely today as it was those many years ago.

I hope you enjoy it.


Today we’re discussing the future of your planet and humanity. There are many changes occurring on many levels on your planet today—as you all know.

But many people are aware of only one or two levels of change, the obvious one being the physical. On this level you encounter all the events you see in the news media every day. The focus of the media is almost invariably on the seemingly traumatic, negative changes occurring today.

Really, though, there is no such thing as negative change. All change is for the good, even though those caught up in the midst of the change often cannot—or will not—perceive it from a higher spiritual perspective.

All change occurs simply because you, individually, as a human race, and as a planet, are moving into higher consciousness, into a truly new age of awareness. That, most certainly, is a positive change.

There are also other changes, less obvious perhaps, happening on the inner planes. Those of you who are lightworkers, those of you reading these words, recognize these changes and are able to flow with them. By doing so, you contribute your energy, your gifts, your talents, toward a more positive world view.

Even though you may appear to be a minority, the work you do on the inner planes deeply and powerfully affects the consciousness of even the most spiritually unaware among you.

Our message today is simple. Those of you who are lightworkers—if you are reading this, you are a lightworker—are performing a valuable and much-needed service to your planet, your fellow travelers, and the universe.

By doing whatever you are doing with your lives in your own little world, you are creating a ripple effect which moves farther and farther out among the people immediately around you, and beyond to the world community and out into the universe.

Every time you give the seemingly most insignificant gifts—a compliment, a look of love, a gift of any kind—be it money, a flower, a smile—you, as a lightworker are transforming your planet.

Know your work is valuable. Know everything you do affects everything else, and everyone else. Make your life choices with that in mind. Approach all of life with reverence and love and compassion. These are qualities sorely needed on your planet today.

No gift, if given from the heart, is too small, too insignificant. Simply know this: You matter, your life matters. The planet needs you. Humanity needs you. The universe needs you. Each and every one of you are valuable and precious.

Tap into that power, wisdom, and peace within, and let it radiate all around you. That is your life purpose.

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This short video, The Power of One, is a great reminder that each of us, standing alone, have the power to transform the world.


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  1. Pat

    Thank you, John. I needed to hear these encouraging words today.

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Pat. I think most of us on this spiritual path need to hear those words now and then — I certainly do.

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