If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. ~ Betty Eadie

How often do we speak without first thinking? Probably often. We don’t consider the power of our words, or how deeply they can hurt, how deeply they can heal.


We sometimes observe in humans what you call “idle chatter”—words without real meaning or effects.

But there is no such thing as idle chatter. Words are powerful tools you all have available to you. And you can wield them for good or for ill.

How often have you felt hurt by the words of another? Or how often have you hurt another with your words?

Every word you utter has powerful effects on, first of all, yourself. But your words also affect, positively or negatively, those immediately around you and far beyond your immediate circle.

Take some time to think about all this. How often do you speak without thinking, blissfully ignorant of the power of your words?

You are all powerful beings. The energy you radiate through your words can harm or heal. Wield your power with kindness and with love. Then only kindness and love will be returned to you.

Copyright © 2023 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


This short video is a powerful tribute to the power of words.

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