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At one time or another you’ve probably pondered this question: “What€™s real and what€™s illusion?” I certainly have.

John Cali

Webster’s Dictionary defines illusion this way:

“A perception which fails to give the true character of an object perceived.”

I was a maverick even as a little kid. And I still am — just ask anyone in my family. So I was often scoldingly advised to “face reality.” You may have had that experience too. I usually ignored the advice, and just went on living in my own reality. Or was I living in an illusion?

I decided to ask Spirit his view on the subject.

Here’s it is.

Friends, you all live in your own unique world. There are as many “realities” as there are people on your planet.

While this is not an earthshaking subject, it’s an interesting one. And it will perhaps give you a little insight into yourselves and the other people around you.

If you accept the Webster Dictionary definition, then what you call “illusion” is real. But the observer is not seeing the observed (object, person, etc.) as it truly is.

That fact is often the basis of so many misunderstandings among humans, individually and in groups, large and small. It certainly is the basis of so many of the wars the human race have waged over the centuries.

One person’s reality can easily be another’s illusion. And one person’s illusion can be another’s reality. It’s that simple.

When you understand that clearly we think you will all find it in your hearts to see your sisters and brothers — and yourselves — with greater love and compassion.

You will not rush to judgement, nor will you be quick to criticize and condemn.

We urge you to start with yourselves. Refuse to judge, criticize, or condemn yourselves in any way, big or small. The more you take this loving view of yourselves, the more you will love others unconditionally.

You say you want peace on earth. This is an excellent way to move in that direction, starting with yourselves first. In fact, there can be no peace on earth until each of you first find peace within yourselves.

There is no other way.

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