Receiving by John Cali

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Last week I was talking to my good friend Harry. Having known each other all our lives, we have a special bond.
John Cali

Harry mentioned he needed some electronic equipment, and asked if I knew where to get it at a good price. I said, “Sure, I’ll check it out for you.”

I found exactly what he wanted, bought it, and had it shipped to him. Then I told him I wanted this to be my gift to him.

He refused, saying I’d done so much for him over the years, he could not accept the gift. He insisted on paying me for it. I was disappointed, but deferred to him.

The truth is Harry has also done a lot for me over the years. But that had nothing to do with my wanting to give him a gift. It was just a spontaneous gesture on my part. Simple enough.

As I thought about it all, it suddenly became crystal-clear to me. Harry is one of the kindest people I know. He’s forever doing favors for other people, often to his own detriment.

He almost always puts others before himself. Because I’ve known him all our lives, I know he suffers from occasional low self-esteem. And, not surprisingly, from frequent sadness and depression.

Obviously, I realized, he didn’t feel worthy of receiving the gift I wanted to give him.

In his refusal to accept it he was depriving me of the pleasure of giving. And depriving himself of the pleasure of receiving.

How often do we feel unworthy of receiving the abundance freely available to us?

Too often, I think.

Here’s Spirit.

Abundance and deserving — these are huge issues for so many humans.

You all desire abundance, in one form or another. Not necessarily money — or only money. But an abundance of other things too — love, romance, good health, peace of mind, joy, etc. Anything good you can think of, you’ve probably wanted one time or another.

Do you have all the abundance you’ve ever wanted? Right here, right now? Probably not.

So many come to us and explain in exquisite detail all their desires and dreams. And then comes the inevitable question:

“Spirit, why can’t I have what I want, what I’ve asked for so long?”

Our answer is always simple:

“You can.”

“Then why don’t I have it?”

That usually leads into detailed discussion of the various “whys” and “wherefores.” But often it comes down to a very simple truth: They do not feel deserving.

As they see it, other people are deserving. But they themselves are not.

The roots of that sense of not deserving often run deep. But it is not necessary to dig out those roots. All that’s necessary is to start from where they are now, and to know they are as deserving as all others of all the abundance available to them.

John’s dear friend Harry is a perfect example of all this.

Harry, and many of you, often put others before yourselves. Not a good idea!

Some disagree with us on this, but we always say you must always put yourselves first. Always! Enlightened selfishness, as we call it, is a good thing.

Only then can you serve others best. Only then can you receive all the abundance you’ve ever wanted and asked for.

Love yourselves unconditionally. The abundance will then flow to you in ways that will amaze you.

It’s pretty simple.

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