Sam and Sara: A Story of Healing by John Cali

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Sam and Sara: A Story of Healing

Sam and Sara (not their real names) are a delightful couple I know here in Wyoming. They have a remarkable story of healing. But it’s probably not what you’d expect in such a story.

John Cali

I first met Sam and Sara some years ago up in the foothills south of town while I was out jogging. They were strolling along, hand-in-hand, obviously deeply in love. It intrigued me to see a couple that age holding hands. What intrigues me even more is, as the years have gone by, I’ve yet to see them together when they were not holding hands.

Over time I gradually got to know their story through our little trail-side chats in the foothills. Sam and Sara had known each many years, way back when they both were happily married to other people. In fact, the two couples used to socialize together.

Eventually Sam’s wife became sick and he nursed her through a long illness until she died. Sara’s husband died about the same time. Sam and Sara naturally gravitated toward one another and started dating. They quickly fell head-over-heels in love.

Sara, being the more outgoing of the two, talks openly about their passionate sexual relationship. She said she’s never had sex so often in her life, or enjoyed it more.

When she and Sam started their relationship, Sara had serious health problems requiring surgery and/or taking drugs the rest of her life. But a few months later her doctor could find no problems — and now, years later, Sara is still perfectly healthy, fit and trim, despite being what our society considers “elderly.”

Sam, not surprisingly, is also healthy, fit and trim. And, I might add, mighty happy.

I know this sounds like a fun way to heal your aches and pains, and more serious conditions. And to stay young. But I suspect there’s also a powerful healing force in having fun.

Here’s Spirit.


Many of you grew up believing fun was the equivalent of sin. If you were having fun, especially sexual fun, you were certainly bound for the eternal fires of hell.

Yet there is no hell except that which you inflict upon yourselves in this lifetime.

And there are no joys or pleasures in heaven (whatever you perceive that to be) greater than the joys and pleasures you can create for yourselves here on this planet.

You have been “talked out of” having fun, of enjoying your lives and your bodies, of finding pleasure and passion in every present moment. Most of you have bought into this myth, the myth of the mass consciousness.

But many of you are now waking up to who you really are and why you are here.

Part of why you are here — in fact, all of why you are here — is to have fun. If it ain’t fun, don’t do it!

Certainly one of the greatest , and most misunderstood, pleasures of physical life is sex. Yet you (your governments, churches, teachers, other so-called “authorities”) have smothered this wonderful natural part of who you are with numberless laws and legalities, regulations and restrictions.

Our point here today, friends, is this:

Having fun is good for you. It is healing. It is, well, fun.

Anything that ails you, whether in your physical bodies, your finances, your relationships, your careers can be immeasurably improved — or healed if that’s what’s needed — by simply feeling good.

It really is that simple! Feeling good is what it’s all about. Feeling good is the secret to living the life of your dreams — just as Sam and Sara are doing.

And, as in Sara’s case, it can heal your physical bodies, no matter how deteriorated they may have become. There is no physical body, no matter what its condition, that cannot be restored to a state of perfect health.

Age has nothing to do with any of this. Your age is just a number. Your power lies within your thoughts.

Think good thoughts — deliberately seek out and choose good thoughts. Have fun. Have sex. Find joy in every part of your lives. Then you will be healed. Then all will be well.

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