Snake in the Grass by John Cali

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John Cali

One morning a while back, I was out jogging in the foothills of the mountains near my house. It’s wild, rough country.

My mind was pretty much a blank, as it generally is when I jog. I was just enjoying the rugged green mountains rising up all about me, and the broad valley stretching off into the misty blue distance far below me, a slow-moving river lazily winding its way westward through the valley.

And I was enjoying the exhilaration of challenging my body in the intoxicating air of the high country. The golden sunlight was glistening on the silvery sage all about me. I was in heaven!

Suddenly I saw–in my mind, I guess–a rapidly blinking, bright red neon sign. It said “Rattler.”

I was startled, it was so vivid. And I knew instantly it meant rattlesnake.

I’d heard there were rattlesnakes in the area, but I’d never seen one. So I jogged on.

A few moments later, I heard a soft rustling in the sagebrush a few inches to my right. Then, like a bolt of lightning, a large rattlesnake launched himself off the ground.

Fortunately, he leapt away from me instead of at me.

Apparently, I had startled the snake as much as he had startled me. But he could have just as easily bitten me instead of running away.

The message from my higher could not have been clearer–”There’s a poisonous snake out there, and he can get you.” But I ignored the message.

It was an invaluable lesson in learning to listen to my higher self, my inner guidance. Always!It’s a lesson I’ve never forgotten.

Here is Spirit’s response.


There are “snakes in the grass” all about you, in every aspect and area of your lives on Mother Earth.

We are not saying you live in a dangerous world. Though it often seems you do.

You live in a world of diversity–vast diversity. And that vast and wide diversity includes much of what you would like to manifest in your lives. And also much of what you would prefer not to manifest in your lives–like snakes in the grass.

It’s all up to you. What do you want in your lives?

That’s question number one.

And most of you can answer question number one in exquisite detail.

So here’s question number two: What is it you do not want to manifest in your lives?

Obviously, you do not want to manifest snakes in the grass, whatever form they may take.

So here you are, living in this vast sea of diversity of Mother Earth. In that vast sea you will find much of what you want–and much of what you don’t want.

Instead of resisting and railing against what you don’t want, it would behoove you to give your energy and attention to what you do want.

The vast diversity of your lives on Mother Earth is a “fact of life,” if you will. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to change that. It just is.

What you can change, if you want, is what parts of that vast diversity you bring into your lives.

Your higher self knows your heart. It knows your gut. It knows what you want. And it is always there to guide you. But you need to listen to it. Most of you do not really listen.

But when you do listen–when you decide you will always listen–you will find yourselves living your dreams. You will find nothing impossible. There will be, for you, no impossible dreams.

All you wish for, all you have ever wished for, is right there at your fingertips.

And you have, right there at your side, the most wonderfully loving and powerful spirit guide in the Universe–your higher self, your soul. The real you.

Listen to it. It will never lead you astray. And it will always lead you to those high sunlit summits of your wildest, most passionate desires and dreams.

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