Spirit Speaks by John Cali

Spirit often speaks to you. Yet you do not hear because you’re not listening, you’re not watching. The signs are all around you. They come to you in ways expected and unexpected. But you’ll never hear or see them unless you remain watchful.

This is the single most important task you can do in this incarnation—be watchful for the signs of Spirit speaking to you. As you persist in your watchfulness, you will find Spirit speaks to you as easily and clearly as your friends and family on the earth plane.

And what is Spirit saying when it speaks to you?

It is saying many things. But the “common thread,” if you will, running through the fabric of “spiritspeak” is this: remember—remember—remember!

You take yourselves entirely too seriously. You have been so successful at immersing yourselves in the illusion of physical life, you have forgotten you didn’t come here to stay. Life is supposed to be fun. It’s just a big party. You didn’t come here to be miserable and joyless—that’s not what parties are all about.

Most of you have forgotten much of what you once knew. You have forgotten the love, the wisdom, the power that you are.

And so, we come back to the ways in which Spirit speaks to you. It speaks to you in many ways. But it speaks to you most clearly through your feelings, through your heart. Whenever you are feeling joyful and positive and powerful and loving, it is those times Spirit is speaking to you most clearly. Whatever feels joyful, positive, powerful, loving is Spirit simply reminding you of who you are.

Your soul, your higher self is always in a state of perfect bliss, perfect joy, perfect peace. It is a state like a deep meditative state, but with total awareness of your total reality and existence in the moment. If you are fully present in the moment with love, there can be no pain, no sorrow. There can be nothing but peace.

When you achieve that state—and you can fully achieve it while still incarnated—you will have once again become one with Spirit. And when Spirit speaks to you again, you will hear only the sound of your own voice.

Adapted from The Book of Joy: How To Live Every Day of Your Life Happily Ever After, by John Cali (Great Western Publishing, 2011)

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