Spiritual Principles by John Cali

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John Cali

There are tons of “new age” gurus out there today. And, of course, many of the more traditional ones also. I suppose Spirit and I could be easily “lumped in” with all the rest.

Many of these gurus and teachers are performing a useful service, and serving a good cause. All are well-intended.

And they draw to themselves those souls needing what they and their guidance are offering, those souls who resonate with their energies.

It’s unfortunate, however, some of these teachers and gurus offer sets of spiritual principles youmust follow if you are ever to become enlightened and evolved. These folks often have solutions searching for problems to solve. Problems they sometimes create to fit their ready-made solutions.

A tragic example, in human terms, is the Jim Jones’ followers’ mass suicides some years back.

Spirit has said, again and again, there is no “one and only” set of spiritual principles all humans are duty-bound to follow.

In fact, there are absolutely no spiritual principles worth anything at all. Except one.


God–Goddess–Great Spirit is within each of you. That is the only real spiritual principle you ever need to remember.

Each of you, man or woman, are whole and complete within yourselves. How could you not be if the Great Spirit is within you?

When you reunite with your soul mate, or another kindred spirit, whether in a romantic or platonic relationship, you two wholes create an even greater entity in your loving reunion.

That is the beauty and power of relationships. Most of you, though not all, choose to be in significant relationships in your human lifetimes. And that is a good thing, even when those relationships “go sour,” as they sometimes do. Even these “sour” relationships are great opportunities for growth for all involved.

Though such relationships often seem “wrong” or ill-fated to your human eyes, you have never made a mistake. There are no mistakes. There are only choices you make, sometimes freely, sometimes under coercion. But nonetheless, choices you make.

If you do not like a choice you’ve made, you are free to change it in the very moment you discover you don’t like that choice.

You are never trapped. You are never at the mercy of another, or of any circumstance. For you have created your experience of that other, that circumstance. And a different choice–which you are totally free to make in the moment–will bring you a different other or a different circumstance more aligned with your new choice.

You are in control here. For you are always free to choose–or to make a different choice from the one you made a moment ago, or a lifetime, or ten ago.

You are God–Goddess. You are part of all that is, of the Great Spirit. When you remember who you truly are, and acknowledge your divinity–though that divinity is clothed in humanity for the moment–you will be free.

Free to go where you will, do what you will, have what you will, be what you will. You will have total freedom.

Total freedom is your birthright. It has never been otherwise.

You are free because you are God. That is the only spiritual principle worth remembering. In fact, it’s the only true spiritual principle there is.

And from that one true spiritual principle all else flows.

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