Students and Teachers by John Cali

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You’ve probably heard this many times: We’re all students and teachers for each other. Interesting concept I hadn’t given much thought to in many years.
John Cali

I watched a short video with Wayne Dyer last week. He was talking about a conversation two of his daughters were having at breakfast one morning when they were teenagers. It went something like this:

First daughter:
If you didn’t have feet would you wear shoes?

Second daughter:
That’s ridiculous! What do you mean? Of course not!

First daughter:
Then why are you wearing that bra?

Wayne said these two daughters were soul mates to one another. Yet they really knew how to push each other’s buttons.

His point was everyone who shows up in our lives has something to teach us; we’re all students and teachers for one another.

Spirit talked about this subject many years ago, but I’d forgotten it until I saw Wayne’s video. As you’ll see, Spirit takes a slightly different view of students and teachers.

What do you consider yourselves — students or teachers? Or perhaps, at different times, both? One time, the teacher — another time, the student.

What if we said you are neither?

It’s true. You are not a student, nor are you a teacher. What you are is a creator — a creator, as you might say, in the image and likeness of God.

Creators are neither students nor teachers. Though, while they are in human form, they may assume the role of one or both at times. Certainly you can play the role — and play it well — whether it be that of teacher or student.

Let’s examine, for a moment, what a teacher is — what a student is.

Can any so-called “teacher” really tell you anything you don’t already know, at least at some level of your awareness? No. Can any so-called “student” learn from his/her “teacher” anything she/he does not already know at some level? No.

So what is this teacher/student relationship really all about?

It’s about remembering — remembering who you really are. You who are teachers have nothing to teach your students. You who are students have nothing to learn from your teachers.

Whether you’re a teacher or a student, you already know it all! There is absolutely nothing you do not already have access to. You may not have a full conscious awareness of what you really know. But what you know, at your soul level, is infinite.

The knowledge is there. And it is always available to you, even in your human form, if you will but remember you are the creator of all your experience.

And so, your purpose in coming together as teachers and students — and it doesn’t matter whether you consider yourselves one or the other or both — your only purpose is to remind one another of one solitary fact: There is nothing to seek, nothing to find. It’s all already there within you. You literally know it all!

You come together, whether in a student-teacher relationship, or any other relationship, only to remind each other you are God. Have a little fun with it all.

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