The Economy by John Cali

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You’re undoubtedly aware of all the financial disasters happening on Wall Street, the banking and insurance company failures, etc. And, of course, there are the recent hurricanes, and all the physical and financial havoc they brought to the southern US and the oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico.

Are you feeling threatened by all this? Are the US and global economies in a dreadful downward spiral, dooming us all to an unhappy end?

John Cali

In one of his recent newsletters, Alan Cohen, with whom many of you are familiar, talked about billionaire Ted Turner. Here’s what Alan said:

“When Ted Turner recently donated a billion dollars to the United Nations, he declared, ‘The world is awash with money.’ Did he say that because he has lots of money, or does he have lots of money because he knows that the world is awash with money?”

Which do you think?

Here’s Spirit.


We’ve often said you can remain joyful and abundant even if the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket. And as John just said, lately it does look like your world is falling apart at the seams, if you will.

Does what’s happening “out there” have any bearing or effect on you personally?

Well, it depends. It depends on where you put your focus, your thoughts.

We acknowledge that when most people in your world are running scared it can be challenging for you to remain apart from the “crowd.” The mass consciousness is certainly a powerful force.

Yet, neither the mass consciousness, nor other humans, individually or in groups, have the power to create in your world.

You all live in vastly different worlds. Each of you individually has his or her own world. Although it often does not appear that way to you, you all live in a world of your creation, not anyone else’s.

But when many people, living in their own little worlds, are focused on the same thing — in this case, the faltering economy — it often feels like you are powerless to change your experiences.

Yet nothing could be less true than that. We’ve said to you many times over the years you create your own reality. If you can get the barest glimpse of yourselves as we see you, you would never again question or doubt your own power and goodness.

You are, after all, physical human expressions of divine energy. Whatever you perceive God/Goddess to be, you probably do not believe that divine energy is without power or purpose.

That divine energy, friends, is fully expressed in you — in you as you are right here, right now in these physical bodies you occupy.

When you tell yourselves, or others, you are powerless, you’re telling lies. You’ve convinced yourselves you do not have the ability to walk apart from the crowd, to create the life you want, a life of joy and abundance.

As Ted Turner said, your world is awash in money — and awash in whatever else you wish to experience, once you become a deliberate creator.

But you also have the power to create the experiences, the life you do not want. Not that you do it deliberately. But you often do it “by default,” if you will.

Our point here today is this:

Simply because someone is choosing to live a life of pain, suffering, and lack does not mean you are destined to live that way. Nor if millions are choosing to live in fear, to give their power away to “the economy,” does it mean that is your fate also.

Your “fate” is whatever you choose. There always have been, always will be people who thrive in the midst of your world’s economic disasters. You can be among them.

It matters not what’s happening “out there” in the economy of your world. You have no control over that anyway.

All that matters is what’s happening “in here,” in your heart and mind. You have full control over that.

You always create your experiences from within. To deny that is to deny God, for you are God. The world does not create for you unless you let it.

Choose abundance, choose joy, consciously and deliberately. Then you won’t care, or even notice, what “the economy” is doing.


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