I’m writing this on Thanksgiving Day (in the United States). I just found out about the death of a dear friend.

My spirit guides have said for years there is no death. What we call death is an illusion. It’s not the ending of a life, but only the beginning of a new life.

I believe that, and have always accepted it. The past several years we’ve had many deaths in our family. I did not have a hard time with any of them. Most of those folks had lived good, long lives and were ready to go.

But this latest death hit me hard. My reaction shocked the hell out of me. In my head and my heart I know death is not the end of us. So my emotional reaction to this latest death baffled me.

I still haven’t completely sorted it out. But then I know I don’t need to.

Life and death do not always take us where we thought we wanted to go. When that happens, instead of resistance we need acceptance. Then we will find peace.

On this day of celebration, of giving thanks, I’m grateful my life was so deeply touched by my departed friend. I am forever changed. And I know we will meet again.

Have you had similar reactions to the death of a loved one? Please comment below.