The Gift of Criticism by John Cali

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I’ve had some excellent opportunities over the years to practice staying peaceful and loving under trying circumstances.

John Cali

People occasionally criticize my work with Spirit. Even some of my family and friends. One lady even described it as “criminal” to be doing such work. I guess she meant I was doing the work of the devil.

Some of these folks don’t even know what channelling is. But they suspect it’s something evil, or at least very strange.

I’m pretty thick-skinned now when I get criticized. But at first, years ago, I allowed the criticism to upset me. Finally I realized what a gift these critics were giving me. Not that they intended to give me a gift. But it was nonetheless a true gift.

Here’s Spirit.


Humans are often so quick to resent, and retaliate against, those who disagree with or criticize them. You set up a wall of resistance, and that simply perpetuates the negative energy.

So the gift John was given was the awareness of how inappropriate his upset and resentment were. In fact, he was hurting only one person — himself.

He was finally able to stand back a bit and feel compassion for his critics. And to refrain from judging them as they had him.

You all have to follow your own paths. John’s lesson here was to accept everyone as they are and where they are at this point in their lives. Simply allow everyone to be.

When you can do that you will find criticism from others, especially mean-spirited criticism will, as you say, roll off your back like water off a duck’s back.

You do not need to endure the painful ups and downs so many of you do when you’re criticized by others. Besides, their criticism has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them.

Simply allow them to follow whatever path they choose. And you follow your path.

After all, no one except you has the power to create in your reality.

Follow your joy. It does not matter what your critics say. They are, as John said, giving you a gift.

Actually two gifts. First, the gift of learning compassion for all beings and always remaining in your power. Second, the gift of allowing your own gifts to flow out to those willing to receive them. And then simply ignoring those who are not.


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