The Illusion of Security by John Cali

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One of the Washington Post’s headlines yesterday read “U.S. Downturn Dragging World Into Recession.” How does that headline make you feel? Insecure perhaps? Scared?

John Cali

BTW, in keeping with Spirit’s frequent advice about not reading “bad” news, I didn’t read the article. But the headline intrigued me.

Most of my life I was a “security freak.” I wanted absolute certainty in my life. In an effort to achieve that I planned everything out in advance. I had a ridiculously detailed written 1-year plan, a 5-year plan, a 10-year plan, and far beyond. It gave me the illusion of security.

I was raised, as I’m sure many of you were, to believe security could be found in — well, you name it — a college education, a stable career, a happy marriage, a big bank account, a religious faith, the government, and so on. We were taught to believe security existed only outside ourselves.

Despite that background and that near-paranoid craving for security, I usually did whatever I pleased with my life. I suppose I was the “black sheep” of my family because often I didn’t do what “conventional wisdom” dictated.

In that sense, I’m still the black sheep. But I no longer have the illusion of security.

Here’s Spirit.


We would ask you to define what security means to you. It is probably any number of different things, including some of those John mentioned.

What is going to happen if you place your faith, your trust in those things — dollars, religion, government, other people, etc.?

Once you’ve reached some sense of security in whatever way you can, you still don’t, and never will, know with absolute certainty what lies ahead of you. Isn’t that what lies at the heart of your yearning for security — wanting to know what the future holds for you?

You all live with uncertainty, no matter how much false security you think you have. That perhaps is the real key here today. Can you still live a joyful life in the midst of uncertainty?

There are no guarantees, friends. As long as you live in these physical bodies, you will never know what the future holds.

Even we in these dimensions of spirit do not know your or our future — because we are all growing, changing, evolving into greater and grander expressions of divinity, of God.

None of the illusions of security can give you real security. Your real security lies within you. You are all powerful beings, free to create whatever you wish.

Why not create a life of joy, even if you know not what the future holds? Even in the midst of global recessions? Why not live fully in each present moment, loving your life and everyone, everything in it?

You can live joyously even in the midst of uncertainty. You are your security. Finding joy in your life is the only guarantee of security. It’s all you need. Then you will find security amidst the uncertainty because then you will know you, as an extension of God, can create the life of your dreams.

You don’t need to know what lies ahead. You only need to know you are the creator.

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