The Joyful Journalist by John Cali

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John Cali

Those of you in my generation will remember that wonderful writer and news journalist, Charles Kuralt. He literally covered the world in a career spanning several decades.

Charles was a keen observer of world events and, more importantly, of human nature. He reported on and wrote about the entire spectrum of human experience, from the horrors of war to the ordinary everyday pleasures of life.

There was a common thread running through almost everything Charles reported and wrote about — the power and beauty of the human spirit. Even in the midst of the atrocities and obscenities of the Viet Nam War, he could find that spark of joy. And he could fan it into a flame that warmed our hearts and stirred our souls.

When you listened to Charles, or read his words, you were uplifted and inspired. He made us believe in ourselves, and in the inherent goodness of humanity. He saw us for who we really are — human beings often struggling and falling flat on our faces, but who always, in the end, triumphed.

He was truly a joyful journalist. We could sure use more of his kind today!

Here’s Spirit.


You can all be joyful journalists — look for the joy in all your experiences.

There is far more joy to be found in your world than you can imagine. Yes, there are many events and acts you consider horrendous in your human eyes. But for every one of those there are a million acts of love and kindness, there are a million joyful and happy events.

The problem is your world, the mass consciousness — and that includes your mainstream news media, your governments, your educational institutions, etc. — look mostly for what’s wrong with your world. Seldom do they look for what’s right with it. Seldom do they look for instances of love, kindness, joy, happiness.

Look for those, and only those — then report them joyfully to those around you. And urge them to report joyfully to those around them. This will create a joyful vibration, a high vibration that will ripple out to the farthest reaches of the Universe. And you will touch all of us, physical and non-physical.

You too will be a joyful journalist. One person, standing alone in joy, is that powerful — far more powerful than millions who are disconnected.

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