In 2016 all the major causes of human misery will end. The New Golden Age for humanity has arrived and the first signs, like the first green shoots signaling the arrival of spring after a harsh winter, are about to appear. ~ Jeshua, channelled by John Smallman


the first green shoots of springThe First Green Shoots of Spring

In a recent post my spirit guides said, “This is as close as we have ever come to making a prediction: You will see peace on earth in 2016.”

Do you believe, as Jeshua said, all the major causes of human misery will end in 2016? Or that we will see peace on earth this year?

Spirit Talks About Peace

Peace is the highest vibration many of you will experience in this lifetime.

Peace is all about your focus. What do you focus on in your daily life? Take a moment to think about that. Where is most of your focus? What do you spend most of your time doing? How much time do you spend watching television? Reading news media? Watching movies? Etc., etc.

Often the focus of these various media is on all the “bad” news out there—on all the things going “wrong.” We realize these things are part of your world. We are not asking you to pretend they do not exist. We are not asking you to do nothing to help alleviate suffering—your own and that of others. We are asking you to see all this for what it is—a temporary, passing perception, and not “reality.”

If you can focus, even for just a few moments each day, on peace, you bring the vibration of peace into your center, into that place where you are directly connected to your soul, to God.

Often this can best be achieved through meditation. Also useful are prayer, music, spending time with your loved ones, walking in nature. And so on.

You have many resources, inner and outer, to help you feel peaceful, to be peaceful, to be peace. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in the world around you. The more peaceful you feel, the closer you are to all that is, to all creation.

Every moment you consciously carry that feeling of peace is a moment you powerfully contribute to creating more healing on your planet and in all creation.

You become a force to be reckoned with. You have BECOME peace—you ARE peace. That is the only way to end suffering, to create peace on earth. You can do it in this year of 2016.

Adapted from John Cali and Spirit Special Reports

What can you personally do to end human suffering and ensure we will see peace on earth this year?

Please share your thoughts with us below.


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Here is a fascinating discussion between Gregg Braden and Robyn Walker on the power of prayer. Pay particular attention to the part of the video beginning at 4 minutes, 50 seconds.


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