The One True Religion

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Some religions claim to be the “one true” religion. Is there any such thing?


It’s most interesting for those of us in Spirit to observe those of you experiencing the many facets of life on Planet Earth.

Among the most interesting (and most divisive) is religion.

It’s curious that the name of God (or whatever you call the divine energy) is used to excuse the most horrible deeds humans are able to inflict upon themselves and all life.

The Roman Catholic Church even supports something it calls a “just war.”

What is a just war?” we would ask.

Since when is there any justification for brutally murdering your fellow humans—or any other life forms?

At this point in human history you are entering the most dangerous era of all time. This is a time of transformation.

That transformation is fraught with war, violence, hatred, racism, and many other forms of dire destruction.

If there really was “one true religion” why are humans and their planet in literally one hell of a mess?

Religion is not the answer. Only love is the answer. Love is the one true religion. Love is the one and only answer to the hell on earth humans have created.

Only love can turn hell into heaven. It’s that simple. Love is the answer.

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In this short video, the Dalai Lama, shares his uplifting view of religion. As you might expect, he does not believe in “one true religion.”

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  1. Pat

    Happy New Year, John, and thank you for all your words of hope and love. God bless you, my friend. Be well and safe.

    • John Cali

      Happy New Year to you too, Pat! May 2023 bring you and your loved ones many blessings and much peace.

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