The Power of One Person by John Cali

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John Cali

I’ve lived alone most of my adult life. And so the subject of “one” interests me a lot, as I’ sure it does many of you. Can one person, alone, be as powerful as a group?

I completely support the idea of people banding together, for example, in group meditations, in prayer gatherings, in healing work. However, in my work with Spirit over the years, I’ve noticed many people feel they must band together to be effective. They don’t understand the power of one.

This is probably the shortest message Spirit has ever given us. But I think it’s a powerful one.

Here’s Spirit.


You don’t need to band together to be powerful. And when you do band together, it’s often because you believe you, standing alone, are powerless.

Not true!

If you are fully focused on what you want, and fully aligned with your higher self, you are far more powerful than millions of disconnected people.

It is fine, as John said, to get together for healing, prayer, etc. But know you are all you need. You, standing alone, have all the power in the Universe at your fingertips.

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