The Robins by John Cali

John Cali

Today I was out in my backyard taking a little break from work. It’s a great feeling to live in a place where wildlife abounds, sometimes even in your own backyard. Here in Wyoming we have almost every critter imaginable: deer, rabbits, coyotes, mountain lions, big horn sheep, elk, moose, bears, wolves, and more bird varieties than I’ve seen anywhere else.

Anyway, I was watching four male robins hunting for food on the ground just a few feet from my house. Suddenly they all started squabbling with each other. Even though there was plenty of space and food for all four of them, they couldn’t resist beating up on one another. Remind you of anything?

Then a lone female robin swooped down on her four male counterparts.

She angrily (or so it seemed to me) strutted over to each male, one at a time, and berated him soundly. Then she drove him off. Finally, all four were gone.

Then, standing there by herself, she looked up at me and seemed to be saying, in exasperation, “Men! Won’t they ever learn?”

It was really fun for me to have a “front-row seat” in this little animal drama. I figured Spirit could probably draw out of this some valuable insights for us all.


You have lived in times, back as far as your historical memories reach, dominated by males and male energy.

That was not a bad thing. We say was not. But today, in your present day world, the tide has changed. Your evolution has shifted. And now there needs to be more balance–an equilibrium–between the male and the female energies within each of you.

One manifestation of that need, obvious to many of you and painful to some, is the “coming out,” if you will, of your sisters and brothers who embrace a homosexual lifestyle.

Often many of your so-called “gay” people have a far more balanced feeling for their own feminine and masculine energies. Not all of them do, but a far greater percentage among them do than among heterosexuals.

In fairness, we must also say this: Many of your more enlightened heterosexual sisters and brothers also have a deep sense of their own holistic selves, if you will–their own masculine and feminine aspects.

God–the Great Spirit–is neither male nor female, but a perfect blend of what you consider male and female. And since you are all part of God, All That Is, all of you are also a perfect blend of female and male.

Most of your modern society, however, has dictated that either one of the other–male or female–must prevail within each individual human. And hence this “anti-gay” sentiment you see so much of today.

This is a rather long-winded way of leading up to our main point of this discussion.

You world, your cultures, your human societies have for centuries now been dominated by male energies and by males. That, as we said earlier, was not a bad thing. And it has served its purpose.

But the time has come for more balance between the feminine and the masculine.

And so, for a time at least, you are going to be seeing many powerful manifestations of feminine energies, energies which have often been squelched and denied and persecuted.

It’s time for balance. It’s time for love. It’s time for the recognition all are equal, all are good, all are valuable.

In this recognition among humans, you will thereby bring peace on earth among humans. Or you will at least take it farther than you’ve ever experienced in human history.

And you will bring a peaceful balance of power, if you will, to your beloved Mother Earth. She has been yearning, crying for this for eons.

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  1. Ron B.

    Matter of fact we humans used to be self-reproducers to call it a different term.
    Of course this was millions of years ago, so to speak, yet that trait is coming back on the evolutionary scene. The medical establishment though is keeping that quiet.
    More and more are being born with both sets of reproductory tools in whole or in part. Whenever something does not work for the better evolution sees to it that something else is tried. It takes a while though from our perspective but that matters little from the larger reality point of view. This planet is sill very productive.

  2. Emma

    Agreed, well said. Glad you were a “witness” to this process. Thank you, John!!

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