The Secret To Manifesting Your Dreams, Part 3 by John Cali

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The subject of manifesting our dreams comes up in just about every private reading we do, and also often in letters people send us. This week we’re doing Part 3 of this 3-part series.

John Cali

In our first article two weeks ago we covered the basics of manifesting. In the second last week we talked about the simple 3-step process of manifesting:

  • First, you ask for what you want.
  • Second, the universe responds instantly.
  • Third, you allow the universe to deliver it to you.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

You might want to review the first and the second articles either before or after you read this one.

Today we’re going to talk about the third step of the manifesting process. For many people this step is where they get bogged down and stuck.

Here’s Spirit.


As we’ve said before, there is no secret to manifesting your dreams. It’s all quite simple.

Today, as John said, we’re going to talk about the third and final step of manifesting. For many this is often the most difficult of the three steps. But it doesn’t have to be.

To review briefly, the first two steps are:

  • First, you ask for what you want.
  • Second, the universe answers.

Those steps are easy.

Once you’ve asked and the universe has answered, you must allow what you want to come to you. That’s the third step.

You allow what you want to come to you by getting out of the way. You don’t need to be constantly repeating your request. You don’t even need to think about it again.

But you do need to stay in that centered place of joy and peace. In other words, if you’re mostly feeling good, you’re allowing the universe to deliver to you what you’ve asked for.

So how do you stay in that place of feeling good? How do you allow?

Allowing — that’s the big bugaboo for so many of you. Not only in allowing your dreams to manifest, but also in allowing other people to follow their own paths. But that’s another subject for another day.

As we’ve said before, you simply must get out of the universe’s way and let it bring to you what you’ve asked for. Here are some of the ways we see you preventing the universe from delivering what you ask for.

  • You doubt — you wonder if all this stuff really works, if it’s really real.
  • You wonder if you’re worthy, if you deserve to live the life of your dreams.
  • You worry about interfering with other people’s lives. For example, you say to yourselves, “If I get all those dollars I’ve asked for, am I not depriving someone more deserving or needy of the those dollars?”
  • You tune into the mass consciousness. You know those so-called “rules of the road” your modern society forces upon you if you let it: 1) Life is hard and you must work hard to succeed, 2) Nothing comes easy, at least nothing that’s worth having. And so on and on . . . .

Here’s our advice:

  • It’s okay if you occasionally feel doubt, fear, confusion.
  • It’s okay if you wonder whether the mass consciousness just might be right.
  • Just do not beat up on yourselves when those thoughts and feelings overtake you. This too shall pass.
  • When those thoughts and feelings do come upon you, you are totally free to wallow in them or to turn your focus into a more positive direction.
  • Pay attention to your feelings. They are an amazingly accurate indication of what thoughts you are thinking most of the time. Bad feelings equal negative thoughts. Good feelings equal positive thoughts. It’s that simple.

As you lovingly, gently guide yourselves into more and more positive thoughts each day, the more positive, the higher your vibration becomes.

When your vibration, every day, matches more and more the high vibration of your dreams, those dreams will begin to manifest more and more quickly.

They must manifest. The Law of Attraction demands they manifest.

It’s all up to you. It really is simple. And it can be very easy. All that’s required is that you decide nothing is more important than feeling good, feeling positive, feeling joyful. Just be joyful. That is a free choice you can make at any moment.

Joy is the key to all your dreams.


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