The Wild Winds of Wyoming by John Cali

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John Cali

I live in northwestern Wyoming in the northern Rocky Mountains of the USA. Wind is a fact of life out here. And Wyoming is famous (or, I should say, infamous) for its wind.

I, however, love the wind. Its power and energy carry me to those high, sacred places where I know I’m really in touch with my higher self, my soul.

Most of the time, that is. Today I had second thoughts. Let me explain.

I go jogging several miles almost every day. This morning, as I left my house, the wind was blowing. So what’s new? 😉

And it was blowing fiercely, around 50 miles an hour. But I went out anyway.

As I stepped out of my car at my usual jogging place, the wind literally slammed me back into the side of the car.

I should have gotten the message then. But, stubborn as I am, I didn’t. And off I went on my merry way.

Just a few hundred yards into my jog, a blast of wind filled my eyes with dust and dirt. And it hurt like hell!

Okay, I finally admitted to myself, I got the message! I’m not supposed to be jogging today. Not with all this resistance. It simply was not worth the pain and the struggle.

What a marvelous metaphor, I thought, for how we humans often operate in our lives. Marching valiantly against resistance. Struggling along joylessly, braving the harsh winds of adversity.

You know, that old “no pain, no gain” mentality. We must prevail at all odds, or so the conventional wisdom goes.

And, if need be, shed all our blood, sweat, and tears in the process.

Here’s Spirit.


Somehow, somewhere, most of you picked up the faulty notion that success in life can be yours only through struggle.

Of all the myths abounding in your world today, that is perhaps the greatest–and the worst.

Underlying this myth is the assumption that life is not easy, and it’s not supposed to be. Or, as a member of John’s family once said, “Life’s a bitch–and then you die!”

This entire mentality is so foreign to who you all really are. And so contrary to the way the Universe really works.

Life was never supposed to be a struggle. It was never supposed to be painful. It was never supposed to be sad. It was never supposed to be a drag.

And yet that’s how many, if not most, of you see it. And that is how you experience it, at least much of the time.

It is not life itself that is hard. It is your resistance to the well-being, the abundance, the Universe wants to bestow upon you, that is hard.

Whenever you find yourself resisting anything or anyone, you are denying your birthright as a child of the Universe. You are literally pushing away the good, the abundance, that is rightfully yours. The good, the abundance that would flow easily, effortlessly into your lives if you would simply allow it to.

Resistance, protest, struggle, fighting against anything or anyone–these all put you in a place of literally (though not always consciously) refusing to accept the bounty, the cornucopia of blessings you were meant to have in this lifetime.

All pain, all lack in your lives is caused by resistance. And by struggle, which is just another word for resistance.

It’s easy to have what you want in life. Just give up your resistance and struggle.

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