Through the Eyes of Compassion by John Cali

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John Cali

I’ve had some recent challenges in a couple of my personal relationships. As Spirit often says, relationships are marvelous opportunities for growth.

At an earlier time I would have reacted very differently than I did with these recent “opportunities for growth.” I would have lashed out angrily in reaction to the others’ behavior. This time I didn’t.

I’m not sure exactly how I managed this. But I do know I was able to see the other people as I knew my higher self saw them. And, much to my surprise, I was able to somehow put myself “in their shoes,” and feel their feelings but without taking on their negativity.

I’m telling you this not to boast, but to remind us all it’s entirely possible to see others through the eyes of compassion, no matter what the circumstances.

Here’s Spirit.


We see all of you as the beautiful beings of light you truly are. It does not matter what you have done “wrong” or done “right” in your lives. All that matters to us is you had the wisdom and the courage to incarnate at this time in your human history. This was an act of love, not only for yourselves, but also for all your human sisters and brothers.

You knew your physical presence on this planet at this time was going to make a huge difference in the collective growth of you all. And you knew your physical presence was going to make a huge difference in the growth of your Mother Earth.

Lastly, you knew your physical presence was going to contribute to the growth of all of us in these realms of Spirit, to the growth even of God, by whatever name you call him or her.

You see, we’re all in this together, physical and non-physical. We are all connected, now and forever. It cannot be otherwise.

So when you see your human sisters and brothers in this way — as John put it, “through the eyes of compassion” — you will create that peace on earth you speak of so often, especially at this festive time in your calendar year.

Simply love one another as you would be loved. All is well.


How do you handle challenging relationships? Please comment below.

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  1. George

    Yes, compassion is a great word that seems to combine the practices of both loving and forgiving. I’ve had some severe challenges and I have experienced compassion. I suspect I might have been willing to give up experiencing the challenges in return for giving up the experience of compassion. I believe, however, that would have been a mistake. And I suppose Spirit would tell us there are no mistakes.

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