What Is The Value of A Human Life?

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You may have seen the recent news about possibly hundreds of poor migrants dying in a tragic shipwreck on the Mediterranean Sea. On board were about 750 people, including 100 children.

In another recent shipwreck, 5 wealthy people died in a tragic submersible accident.

Which do you think got the most news coverage? And on which was far more money spent? Were the migrant lives worth less than the lives of the wealthy?


The title we have chosen for this article is, in itself, a tragedy. The tragedy is that we have to ask that question.

Why should you want to place a value—in money or anything else—on a human life? One life, let alone hundreds? Each and every life is beyond value.

In the eyes of your Creator God, each of his/her human creations is a jewel beyond value—a unique and precious treasure irreplaceable and deeply loved.

When all humans come into life on earth, they are warmly embraced. Each one is deeply loved, none more than any other. All are loved and closely held in the heart of your Mother/Father God.

Humans would do well to view each other, and themselves, as God does. Only then will you see an end to the tragically unequal way humans treat each other.

The two shipwreck tragedies should be a warning flag to all. You no longer have the luxury of much more time to change your ways. And to embrace all life warmly and lovingly, as your Mother/Father God does.

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In this inspiring video, philosopher Alan Watts speaks about the amazing beings we all are.

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