What Causes Illness? by John Cali

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A couple weeks ago I read an interesting article on the various causes of cancer.

John Cali

The article had a long list of the usual “suspects.” These included smoking, unhealthy diet, obesity, polluted air, sun exposure, family history, genetic susceptibility, etc. Ironically, the list also included drugs used to treat cancer. A case of the cure being worse than the disease?

What struck me about the article was it mentioned nothing about stress, which many professionals, traditional and nontraditional, have said is often the primary underlying cause of illness.

So is someone who leads a nearly stress-free life less likely to become sick? The facts say probably yes.

To take this to an extreme, reportedly there were nuns and monks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when the United States bombed those cities in 1945, who were unaffected by the radioactivity. Our dear friends Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett and their spirit guides, Saint Germain and Lady Portia, said this in a recent newsletter:

“Now is the time to remember that there were nuns and monks who were not affected by the radioactive energies from the explosion of the atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki because these beings remembered that they could not be terminated. They did not allow themselves to bring fear into their minds or bodies. By staying centered within the purity of their Presence, every cell in their bodies stayed aligned with their original Divine encoding. This activated the Light within a sphere around their body so its core would remain aligned with their hearts. In essence they did not waver from who they truly were! That is what we are suggesting for each one of you during this transitional cycle you are presently experiencing.”

Here’s Spirit.


We love that quote John used from Sharon and Kamala, particularly this part:

“In essence they did not waver from who they truly were!”

That is, if you will, the heart of the matter at hand here today.

When you are fully, consciously, deliberately aligned with who you are, you are powerful and invincible. You are powerful and invincible far beyond what most humans have ever dared to dream or to imagine.

This includes your physical bodies. We know some would disagree with that. But we would say when you are fully acknowledging your divinity, your bodies cannot be harmed. No matter what the circumstances, be they nuclear radiation or physical dis-ease.

There are enough — though not many — stories to at least give you some “food for thought,” if you will. Certainly one of those stories is the nuns and monks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We realize many humans have yet to reach that level of self-awareness. But you’re all getting there. And it is entirely possible for you to achieve that level. And to do it in this lifetime.

The “bottom line” here is this:

If you believe something — anything — can harm you, you are weak and vulnerable. If you believe nothing can harm you, you are powerful and invincible.

This includes all aspects of your being. Certainly your physical bodies.

You are capable of living far longer than what you consider a normal lifespan. And you are capable of doing it in a state of perfect health.

All this is possible — even inevitable — when you are fully remembering and aligning with who you are.

And, remember — you are God!


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