What Do You Do? by John Cali

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Over a year ago we wrote an article by the same title as what you see above. We decided it was timely to revisit the subject.
John Cali

Last week Geoffrey Hoppe of The Crimson Circle wrote a wonderful article in their May newsletter with the same title as this article and the article we wrote last year.

Geoff talks about a daunting incident where he was challenged to speak the truth about his work. He managed to make a mess out of the situation until his wife Linda saved the day.

I completely understand what Geoff was going through — I’ve been there and done that. More times than I care to think about. But I didn’t have a woman to rescue me from the mess I’d made.

In this week’s newsletter Spirit addresses the subject from a different perspective than in our earlier article. He addresses it from the same perspective as Geoff did.

Here’s Spirit.

Friends, you must always speak your truth. Always! No exceptions!

If someone asks you what you do (meaning, as it almost always does, your worldly work), simply, directly, and truthfully tell them.

It’s that simple. As are all the most important things in your lives. If they’re not simple you probably need to reexamine them.

The complexity and difficulty come in when you try to anticipate other people’s perceptions of and reactions to your truth.

You need to speak your truth always and in all circumstances. You need to totally release forevermore what you think — imagine — fear others will think of you.

What they think of you makes no difference whatsoever.

Read that again: What they think of you makes no difference whatsoever.

What does make a difference is for you to be real, to be truthful, to be authentically who you are.

So who are you?

You are God.

Can you imagine God not telling her/his truth? Of course not!

Why should you, God in human form, ever — under any circumstances — tell anything less than your truth?

The next time someone asks you “What do you do?” tell them the truth. And don’t give a damn about what they may think of you.

All that matters is that you speak your truth, always and everywhere and to everyone.

Especially you — the lightworkers, the healers, the miracle workers — who are healing yourselves and your planet.

Do not, as your bible says, hide your light under a bushel.

BE your light. BE yourself. BE God.

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