Years ago, when I first started communicating with Spirit, I had my own definition of channeling. It was based on all I had read and experienced up till then.

Here is how our website used to define channeling:

“Channeling is simply a bridge enabling us to communicate with spirits in the higher realms. You might prefer to think of it as accessing higher consciousness—or what some call God, Great Spirit, or All That Is.

“Channeling can take various forms such as speaking, writing, painting, dancing, singing, etc.

“Whatever the form, the channeler is communicating directly with the realms of Spirit, with those beings of infinite love, understanding, and compassion.”

But since those days, my ideas have changed. Today I see channeling in a much different light. In fact, I don’t even use the word “channeling” much any longer.


We’ve said this many times, but it often bears repeating:

You are never disconnected from the world of Spirit. Never.

God—or Goddess—or Creator—or Spirit (it does not matter what term you use) is All That Is. It is literally true that God is the substance of everything that exists. Nothing that exists can exist apart from God.

Of course, that includes you. You are not only part of God, you are God.

It is that simple. So you never need a channel, or any kind of intermediary (like a church or religion) to contact Spirit.

All you have to do is go within. There is nothing to seek outside yourself, nothing to find.

Therefore, channeling in the traditional, generally accepted, sense, is impossible. No one is wiser than you. No one has any greater access to Spirit than you do.

As one of Johnny’s favorite resources, A Course in Miracles, says, you all are exactly as God created you. Accept that, know that.

Then the world of Spirit is totally accessible to you. All answers, all knowledge, all that is, are yours. You no longer need channelers, or any kind of intermediary.


Here is Abraham (through Esther Hicks) explaining channeling. Pay particular attention to the first several minutes.

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