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What is time? I haven’t found many definitions that make much sense to me. One of the best (and funniest) definitions, in my opinion, is from Charles M. Schulz, creator of the comic strip Peanuts:
“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia”


(Many years ago, Spirit gave us this interesting perspective on the subject of time.)

Time weighs heavily upon many of you on the earth plane. And your language carries many cliches regarding time. “How time flies.” Or “How time drags on.” Those two right there should give you some glimmer of the true “reality” of time.

First, let me say this: time is a most useful illusion as long as you remain incarnated in a physical body on the earth plane. Time helps you to “navigate” while you remain on the planet. It is useful, for example, in helping you to care for your physical bodies. Many of you fear what you call the aging process—the wearing down of your physical apparatus. Your perception of time “passing you by” enables you to take proper care of your bodies—proper nutrition, exercise, relaxation, etc. And we could go on.

But the point is time, as illusory as it may be, is a most useful tool while you choose to remain on the earth plane.

Today, I simply want to explore with you the true nature, or essence, of time. And, in doing so, perhaps we shall bring you to the point where time shall no longer weigh so heavily upon you.

You have likely heard stories of your astronauts experiencing time differently in so-called “outer space.” Under certain conditions, time actually slows down so they return to earth “younger” than they would have been had they remained on the ground the same amount of “conventional time” (i.e., as counted by your clocks and calendars) as they had spent in space. In other words, they aged less “out there” than they normally would “down here.”

But you don’t have to go out into space to experience the same thing the astronauts did. You see examples of this almost constantly, right here on earth. How many people do you know who look either older or younger than what you consider “normal” for their linear ages? I suspect you all know at least several – perhaps including yourself. These people are experiencing time differently from the “norm” (whatever that is).

When you are engrossed in doing something you love—or are with someone special in your life—you’ve often noticed how “time flies,” as you say. Hours seem as minutes. And the opposite is also true – when you are doing something you’d rather not, time seems to slow down.

It’s all in your perception!

That’s right, it’s all in your perception. And that’s why I say time is the ultimate illusion. Not because it’s not real – but because it’s something other than what your mass consciousness considers it. And because it’s an illusion that affects literally every area and aspect of your lives on Planet Earth.

Time is not a “fixed commodity. It is, rather, about as flexible, as elastic  as anything you’ve ever experienced on the earth plane.

And you control time. You can expand it and you can contract it, at will.

After all, you do this all the time (pun intended!) without being consciously aware of it. In the two examples I gave you earlier – where you are doing something you love and something you don’t—time either flies or drags. The flying—or the dragging—are not simply your imagination. You have literally expanded time—or you have contracted it.

Now, your clocks and calendars will not record these events. The clocks and calendars are simply tools you use to “navigate,” as I mentioned earlier. They have no intrinsic relationship to time.

And so, I say again – and this is true of literally everything in your life on Planet Earth – time is only what you perceive it to be – and your perception of it creates your experience of it.

The practical value of knowing all this is to simply give you a greater degree of conscious control over your lives. So many of you, even among the lightworkers, at least occasionally feel out of control. But know you are always in control. At your Higher Self or Soul level, you are in total control.

Now, having said that, I realize you, from your human perspective, sometimes have difficulty really believing you have total control. The reason for that is you are not yet fully “reconnected,” if you will, to your Higher Self or Soul. And that is what your life purpose is – no matter what particular path you choose, your life’s purpose is to simply return Home – to your Source, your Soul, the Goddess, the God within.

And so, when you are feeling oppressed or heavily burdened by the illusion you call time, remember this: You can always alter your perception of it – your experience of it. Simply enlist the help of your Higher Self. Most of your Higher Selves are grossly underemployed. But that’s another topic for another day.

My point is ASK your Higher Selves for help with this – or anything else for that matter. Ask and you SHALL receive. And the practical, earth-plane applications of this are many. Think about it – if you truly believe what I’ve told you here today – and if you ask your Higher Self for help – you can literally manipulate time any way you wish.

And the practical results of all this? Well, you can slow down – or even halt – your physical body’s aging process. You can accomplish what would “normally” take you, for example, eight hours, in four hours. You can accomplish more (of any task) in “less time” – as you measure it on your clocks and calendars. The possibilities are endless.

The point is you can use what I’ve described here today to enrich your lives, your experiences, your connection to your Higher Self. I think we shall explore this further another day.

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Edited by Berna Copray


In this video, one of our favorite scientists, Neil deGrasse Tyson, shares a fascinating perspective of time.

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  1. Kenneth Hall

    “Time is what keeps everything from happening at once” – Albert Einstein

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