What Time Is It? by John Cali

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John Cali

How often have you asked that question: What time is it? Or had someone ask it of you?

I’ve never worn a watch in all my adult life, and that’s a lot of years! Never liked the things. And it hasn’t interfered with my life at all. I’ve always managed to keep appointments and observe my other responsibilities without being enslaved to something going “tick-tock” on my wrist.

I guess I’m a maverick in that way, and probably in many other areas of my life. But I think we humans are often slaves to this thing called time. We’re obsessed with it. We give so much of our energy to calendars, schedules, deadlines, and, yes, to clocks and watches.

Probably you often hear someone complain, “I just don’t have enough time.” Or you may say it yourself now and then.

It seems we’re ruled by this cruel tyrant we call time. How often we ask “What time is it?” and then, after we know the time, and only then, do we decide what to do, what to be, what to feel. We give up so much of our power to this thing called time!

Last week Spirit and I talked about manifesting what we want in our lives. This week we’ll continue that theme. Spirit has some interesting thoughts on the relationship between time and manifestation.


Manifesting–creating your reality–is, believe it or not, the easiest thing you’ll ever do in this lifetime you are living right now. And with the intensifying energies on your Mother Earth, manifesting is getting easier and easier every day.

Your Bible says it simply and perfectly: “Ask and you shall receive.”

Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

So why, you’re probably wondering, don’t I always get what I ask for?

Well, there are several possible reasons. But they all boil down to this: You’ve blocked the flow the Universe has set up the instant–the very instant–you/ve asked for something.

Now, we are not saying you deliberately sabotage yourselves and your desires. We are saying, however, you do unwittingly sabotage yourselves and your dreams.


Well, the most common sabotage trick you play on yourselves goes something like this:

You ask the Universe (or God, Goddess, Great Spirit, or whatever word you like to use) for what you want. Or pray for it, visualize it–whatever way you use that is comfortable for you.

At the moment your desire goes out into the ethers, the Universe answers it. And your manifestation is instantly on its way to you.

And you often want the manifestation to appear in your experience instantly. It’s quite possible for that to happen. But it’s not typical for most humans.

And there’s the rub, if you will. When it doesn’t come instantly, or at least soon, you begin doubting and questioning–as opposed to knowing and trusting.

You have become preoccupied with this thing you call time (which is really an illusion). Every possibility, every potential in your life exists now.

But you don’t always believe that, and so you block the flow from the Universe.

What you’ve asked for is on its way to you. But you doubt it, and so–as long as there is doubt–you are delaying its appearance in your life.

Look at it this way, if you’ll permit us an analogy.

You’re watching a movie. The entire movie, beginning to end, is there now on the film (or tape, CD, or whatever the medium is). It’s there now–all of it.

You can easily stop the film at any point if you wish. Or you can simply play the entire film in “real time.”

But if you don’t allow the film to play itself out to the end, you won’t experience the entire thing.

And this is exactly what you do when you allow time, or your perception of it, to interfere with or block the flow of abundance the Universe is sending to you.

When “when” doesn’t matter to you, the manifestation will sometimes happen instantly. And it will always happen more quickly than when “when” does matter.

Ask and you shall receive. It really works–if you let it, if you refuse to let the timing matter. You’ve asked, it is created. And it’s on its way to you.

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