One of the questions we often get about manifesting is “Why does it take so long?”

If you’re a subscriber to our weekly newsletter you probably recall the articles we recently ran, The Secret to Manifesting Your Dreams, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. We received some interesting feedback on those articles. Here are some excerpts from one reader’s comments:

“I have read all three parts of The Secret of Manifesting Your Dreams and have to say that I am doing my best to stick with ‘the manifesting program’ for I know I create everything in my life….the third part…covers everything but it doesn’t directly cover time.

Here is what Spirit says about time and manifesting:

“When you go on vacation, are you anxious to reach your final destination? We don’t think so, because you started out from home and your final destination is to return home again.

“The point of the vacation is to enjoy the journey and forget about your destination. If you’re constantly obsessing about going back home again, you miss the joy of the journey. It’s exactly the same with the manifesting process.

“Enjoy the journey. Find the joy in every moment of your journey. When you get to your destination, you’ll be satisfied — for maybe a day or two. Then you’ll set your sights on another manifestation, another destination.

“Then off you go again on yet another journey. Your entire life is a journey punctuated by a few destinations, manifestations. Learn to enjoy the journey. You’ll never not be on a journey, whether you’re in physical form or spirit.

“It may seem counterintuitive to you, but the more you enjoy the journey, the faster your manifestations will come.”

Do you ever find yourself becoming impatient waiting for your manifestations? How can you more fully enjoy your journey? Please comment below.

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