Why Does It Take So Long? by John Cali

One of the questions we often get about manifesting is “Why does it take so long?”

If you’re a subscriber to our weekly newsletter you probably recall the articles we recently ran, The Secret to Manifesting Your Dreams, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. We received some interesting feedback on those articles. Here are some excerpts from one reader’s comments:

“I have read all three parts of The Secret of Manifesting Your Dreams and have to say that I am doing my best to stick with ‘the manifesting program’ for I know I create everything in my life….the third part…covers everything but it doesn’t directly cover time.

Here is what Spirit says about time and manifesting:

“When you go on vacation, are you anxious to reach your final destination? We don’t think so, because you started out from home and your final destination is to return home again.

“The point of the vacation is to enjoy the journey and forget about your destination. If you’re constantly obsessing about going back home again, you miss the joy of the journey. It’s exactly the same with the manifesting process.

“Enjoy the journey. Find the joy in every moment of your journey. When you get to your destination, you’ll be satisfied — for maybe a day or two. Then you’ll set your sights on another manifestation, another destination.

“Then off you go again on yet another journey. Your entire life is a journey punctuated by a few destinations, manifestations. Learn to enjoy the journey. You’ll never not be on a journey, whether you’re in physical form or spirit.

“It may seem counterintuitive to you, but the more you enjoy the journey, the faster your manifestations will come.”

Do you ever find yourself becoming impatient waiting for your manifestations? How can you more fully enjoy your journey? Please comment below.

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  1. Rhonda Hazle-Hackett

    Dear Reinis and Chieko,

    Please accept my apologies for not thanking you both for your thoughtful and sincere replies in a timely manner. I am most grateful to you both.

    I appreciate that your replies were given after a lot of thought as they are the most helpful that I’ve ever received. I agree that….

    “One small step in this direction, one small step in that direction.

    And celebrate each and every small victory. To keep the spirits up.

    Having someone accepting, supporting, encouraging, loving and believing in you helps enormously! Having a Human Angel beside you… when you have forgotten you are an angel yourself.”

    …is the only route that seems realistic, to me.

    Again, thanks, and Chieko, I do look forward to our meeting. I’m sure I’ll know you immediately. Cheers!

    • Chieko

      Dear Rhonda

      Thanks so much for valuing our friendship. Did I make your heart sing? I was very happy to hear that. Whether in physical or non-physical form, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you too.

      I believe good relationships are not those that are devoid of conflict. In fact, true relationships start to be formed and develop when we disagree on matters but still embrace each other. Do we love each other any less for our disagreements? No. Spirit loves everyone unconditionally — Disagreements and diversity are even appreciated by Spirit.

      I’m glad you appreciate John’s blog and his role as a channel — a deliverer of the message from Spirit. He doesn’t have to do this, as you know. If he wanted to avoid any criticism from others he could have just continued to channel for himself and gotten the benefit by himself, instead of bringing those messages to the public. I hope you know there was a time John suffered a great deal from being criticized, especially for happening to be a white American who delivers messages from an American Indian, Chief Joseph.

      Rhonda, I really appreciate the fact I have met you. I could never have got to know you if we were not attracted to the same energy of John and Spirit. Let’s both appreciate them for bringing us together. Let’s appreciate John’s courage to have started this whole magical channeling work.

      I love you, Rhonda, unconditionally.

      Big hugs,

  2. Chieko

    Dear Rhonda

    Thanks very much for your long and thoughtful reply. I believe now we have become friends who share not necessarily the same view but our unique views that are actually much more alike than different — much much more alike and universal. My deep appreciation to John and his Spirit for giving me this opportunity and to the wonder of life that has brought you and me together at this point in time.

    As your newly registered friend, let me share my very honest view with you. In my last letter to you I may have called one of the most brilliant and precious pieces of advice in the world that John’s Spirit has given us as “unrealistic” — of course they are not TO ME. They are the most realistic and “the most make sense to me” answers to the questions I’ve asked. But the point is everybody is asking different questions according to where they are and the answers are also summoned according to the questions. As you know, you can’t say something or write a book that EVERYONE is ready for. According to Abraham, there will never be a book like that nor will be a teacher like that. We should all let others decide whatever it is that works the best for them. As you are one of the teachers who deeply and truly care about others’ happiness as much as yours, you are not insensitive to say something like “You create your own reality.” to someone who’s starving or someone who’s just sexually abused. As you said, all we can do and also is enough for us to do is, in your word, “lend a compassionate shoulder and use what resources I have at hand to try and alleviate some of their troubles. No more.” The last thing we want to do is to make others feel ashamed. We never want others to feel they’re dumb or unworthy — They are NOT — That’s the ultimate distorted view they can ever get about themselves. As you may know, Rhonda, Abraham said we shouldn’t answer the question that is not asked. It only annoys them if you try to answer the questions they haven’t asked. I believe there’s a perfect timing for each of us. I don’t think I was ready a hundred years ago for those teachings John and Spirit are giving now. Even in this lifetime it took me “long” to meet those teachings.

    I actually don’t know anything according to the standard of your life experience so I know I’m not in a place to give any meaningful advice to you — It’s much more appropriate for John and his Spirit to answer your questions if you only wish to ask them. Only if you wish to. Aren’t you a good friend of Chief Joseph/Spirit yourself?

    Thank you again for sharing your precious unique real view of the world. I’ve learned a lot from that. I wonder how it will be like to see you in the realms of spirit after finishing this lifetime. I wonder what kind of insight we will share together at that point.

    Love and hugs,

  3. Rhonda Hazle-Hackett

    Dear Chieko,

    Thank you so much for your reply and vid, it is much appreciated. It just reinforces my own personal ideal of never asking anyone to do anything that I myself am not prepared to do…..

    I am somewhat distressed that a Harvard professor, or anyone for that matter, would use Ghandi as an ideal, when it has been thoroughly revealed that he was a pedophile, among many other strange things that I can put down to plain wierdness and c’est la vie, but harming children is not one of them. (I am Native, and have worked with too many unfortunate folks who have been sexually molested by organised religion and their victims)

    This vid makes me wonder why people venerate such folks….Mother Teresa is another such person, not worthy of my veneration, but I guess I digress in terms of my point, but in a way, not really…..

    I very much agree that one must be a living example of one’s ideals. My ideals are such that I believe what I am is a direct result of my thoughts and actions, and moreso, are a direct result of my beliefs and their understanding.

    But, and I guess that this is my point, how does one convey that their everyday thinking is manifested in their current life without being perceived as one who is high and mighty and full of herself? How do you convey that negative feelings propogate themselves to a person who is so mired in real misery that everything seems agony?

    This is why I posted my initial comment.

    All I have ever been able to do is lend a compassionate shoulder and use what resources I have at hand to try and alleviate some of their troubles. No more. For me to sit there and tell them that they must start to manifest their own desires in a prescribed manner is laughable and, to my mind, disingenous.

    In my experience, only folks who are somewhat stable are able to begin the inner work which will bring more serenity in their lives.

    So my question still stands. How do you tell those less unfortunate folks who live in daily crisis that they must take some time for themselves to dispel self incrimination, instill self love, and begin manifesting more positive attributes to thier lives?

    I’d really like to know!

    Again, thanks for your thoughtfulness, it is much appreciated. Cheers, Rhonda

    • Reinis

      Hi, Rhonda.

      As you pointed out yourself, the “inner work” can be done by only someone who has already found some inner balance and strength. In short, you have to be ready to face and integrate your Shadow.

      Someone who is going through such hardships in his/her physical life is definitely not in that centered and balanced place within (no judgment here). They are simply not ready for ideas like “you create your own reality”, “get happy, allow” etc. Such concepts would be of no use to them, at best. Or irritate or make them feel worthless, failures at worst.

      From my personal experience, when one is going through such hardships, it’s important to take the journey by baby steps. One small step in this direction, one small step in that direction.

      And celebrate each and every small victory. To keep the spirits up.

      Having someone accepting, supporting, encouraging, loving and believing in you helps enormously! Having a Human Angel beside you… when you have forgotten you are an angel yourself.

      Also, a logic-bridge for someone going through hardships to allow him/her to feel better, have a bit more positive outlook might be this:

      When you feel fearful and negative, you can’t think and act straight, thus you can’t accomplish much. Whereas, when you feel good (or at least better), have a bit more positive outlook, you feel freer to think and act and actually accomplish something.

      Another good question: What is the worst that could happen, if you did …?
      Because many times our fear of the unknown is much bigger than fear of a known danger/failure.

      Also, when I was going through my own dark night of the soul, it really helped to take it one day at a time. I couldn’t deal with my future. Couldn’t make any decisions regarding it. Hell, I didn’t feel I wanted to be alive most days. But taking it one day at a time… that I could manage, that I could deal with.

      In other words, shrink the world to a size that feels manageable, that I believe I have the power to influence/deal with.

      Hope this helps,

  4. Chieko

    Hi Rhonda,

    I’ve read your comment with great appreciation because you’ve launched a very important point we all need to ponder on. I’m sure John is also appreciating your honest feedback and your brilliant and still warm way of presenting your, in a way, frustrated view. I think that’s why John is responding to you with the warm loving total agreement with you. I’m always impressed John never gets angry nor annoyed by others’ disagreement with him or his Spirit. (Well, this time, not really disagreement though.) I think that’s because he knows we’re all gathered around the same intention — this wonderful human nature to love others.

    I always feel what those “unfortunate” people want the most (or what we all want the most) is being listened — To feel they are cared, they are loved, they are agreed, they are empathized, they are important to others, and they mean a lot to others. Actually, they don’t need any advice but just need to feel they matter to others. In fact, just one person is enough for them to feel they are loved — I believe the power of one is extraordinary.

    I’m a wife and a mother of two children and what uplifts my husband and children the most is just being listened with a very much impressed look on my face or with the deepest care and empathy. When I listen to them with a great deal of my interest, compassion, agreement, encouragement, empathy and love no other logic is necessary. (Note: Even when I don’t agree with them I choose harmony over any trivial differences.) They all have their own higher self guiding them so I don’t need to “worry” about where they’re going but just have to know they’re fine — more than fine. They are or everyone is all very strong and resilient beings so all they need as a catalyst is someone else’s love that reflects them that they are/have been/will be always loved. Loved by whom does not seem matter.

    A psychological, that is, scientific study shows that the reason why holocaust survivors were/are mentally (and probably physically as well) healthier than Vietnam vets is because they talked about their experiences to others, whereas Vietnam vets often just ruminated over their experiences in their mind. Being heard, that is, to be accepted, to be cared, to be empathized, to be loved unconditionally, and to be hugged mentally and physically is what truly healed those wounded hearts. I believe any wound can be healed in a web of love and empathy from yourselves and others.

    I think the other point to be looked at is those holocaust survivors were allowed to express whatever negative emotions they had at that time. Many of us suppress our negative emotions as if they didn’t exist but in order to stabilize the point on the emotional scale, so that we won’t go back to the previous point (e.g. going back from anger to depression) we need to give ourselves a permission to express the most natural feelings at that temporary point. And when we start to talk like “Now I see that…” “Now I realize that…” “It just dawned on me that…” etc. that’s when the true healing starts and we’ll all reach the place where we’re happier and more “evolved” as a soul than we were before the “negative” experiences. We’ll end up in the “better” place once we allow ourselves to take the journey, instead of just trying to jump onto the final destination — which is an impossible task.

    Rhonda, I think the following video suits the most for someone like you who is a lifetime social worker and has a direct access to those who really “need” you. They need a compassionate person like you — like Jesus who holds love and light for them. You sound like someone who can say to them “Been there. Done that. Part of life.” so your example is what feels very much real to them. They don’t want any unrealistic advice but a realistic person who’s lived an unrealistic miracle.

    (John, I hope you don’t mind me placing the video link on your blog. Of course, you can delete it if you don’t like it.)

    Rhonda, after all, you matter the most to me. I want to see you happy and smiling with joy (well, I’m sure you already are) because I don’t want to see you sacrificing your own vortex/alignment just by your focus on “what’s going wrong with them.” I hope your focus will change to “what’s working for them” because…they have you! You and your heart are always being beside them. It’s their privilege and blessing to have you in their lives, Rhonda. Just like animals or innocent babies who unconditionally accept who we are and where we are at any moment in life, your presence itself is what gives life to others — what makes them think “Shall I continue to live because she cares for me?”

    Best wishes and love to you and yours,

  5. John Cali

    I agree — those folks need a compassionate shoulder and whatever help you can give them. I see no conflict here.


  6. Rhonda Hazle-Hackett

    Hi, just wanted to leave a comment…..

    You know, all this stuff about going on vacation seems a tad disingenuous to me.

    Want to tell folks who have no place to live it’s just like taking a vacation…enjoy the trip and never mind the destination? Want to tell folks who have no food to eat it’s just like your last vacation….did you enjoy the change of scenery or worry about the trip home?

    All well and good guys…the unfortunate folks probably have no access to the net anyway to read your secrets to manifestation. But as someone who reads this stuff and has work a lifetime as a social worker with folks who need real answers that give hope and a fair timeline, all this warm fuzzy “do your self love work” is really hard to swallow.

    Fairly hard to love yourself when kids are crying and you’re desperate and hopeless in my experience.A compassionate shoulder and attempts to help are what’s needed.

    Got any advice for those folks?

    Cheers anyway….

  7. Cinda Miller

    I think that you can enjoy your journey more if you look for the multitude of miracles along the way to your destination. If we are so focus on the end result, you miss out on the scenery that leads you there. We are surrounded by wonderment, but, when our eyes have blinders we miss out on what we are given as daily gifts.

    The “stuff” that we want to manifest will never bring the true feelings of happiness, for happiness is not wrapped up in “stuff”, it is wrapped up within our heart. Be in love with the day, be in love with mankind, be in love with who you are, and that love will bring to us the things that we “need”, not necessarily the things we want.

    Just like when we were little kids, often times our parent said “no”, or “not yet.” We didn’t understand that then, and apparently we still don’t get it.

    Enjoy the amusement park. Ride all the rides, eat, drink and be at peace with your surroundings.

  8. Reinis

    Oh, the game of manifesting/creating and timing. Well, here’s my personal answer I’ve discovered for myself:

    When I got really, really, really honest with myself about what I want and WHY I want it – I had to admit that everything I wanted was for how I’d feel then. Even more so – for the PERSON I’d be. For what I’d know, feel, think, see.

    Everything I want I want only because it would mean I have truly *become* that new version of myself. And how do I know I’m not that person already? Well, because stuff ain’t manifesting yet. 🙂

    The journey – the timing of the journey – is so that I can consciously choose to *become* that person, fully experience getting there… so that when I finally do get ‘there’, I can fully appreciate where I am and who I am.

    Frankly, if everything I want would just manifest in the next moment… I’d be scared and overwhelmed, I wouldn’t know what to do with it all… because I’m still not the version of me who is at peace with all that.

    As one very wise Chief once said: “All love, all wisdom, all power lie within.”

    Best wishes,

  9. Roman

    What a perfect way to respond to the question. The first paragraph is perfect – I had to laugh for I misunderstood, until now, what the final destination is when we go on a vacation. I think the best thing for me to remember are the words, “… the more you enjoy the journey, the faster your manifestations will come.”
    My best to you and Spirit,

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